Antharas Cave….without Going Through DV! (Lineage 2 chronicle 4 download)

Here’s a great little trick not many people know about.

You can run DIRECTLY to the entrance of Antharas cave without setting a foot in Dragon Valley. How you ask? Quite simple.

Run up to the following coordinates…….Y 52, X between 55 and 56.

Run a bit northwest of this area, and you will come to a sheer cliff (as steep as you can get). DIrectly nortwest of this cliff is Antharas cave. Just keep running into the cliff, and eventually (sometimes takes 30-45 seconds) you will magically pop to the top of the cliff. Just run northwest off the cliff, and you plop down right at the entrance of antharas cave. Excellent travel tip for all you Antharas Cave levelers out there.

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