Amazing Way To Level Mages From 15-20+ In No Time (Lineage 2 skills)

Even archers can do this! It’s pretty simple.

This one was actually taught to me by Guru, but he asked me to post it on his behalf.
Head over to Gludio Castle Town then over to Cruma.

Imagine Cruma Tower as a clock — the area you want to be in is the 9 o’clock area on the outer region before you head past the first river. (dont go anywhere past the second river — tons of aggros there)

What you’ll be fighting are the giant leeches. They are extremely slow, they dont cast magic, and the only agros around are dire wolves and rippers, so if you can dodge those guys just go after the leeches (level 24) and dont get hit, backoff after each spell you cast. You should gain about 818xp and 41sp per kill. enjoy.

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