Alittle Rip of Trick (Lineage 2 armor sets)

ok recently my friend quit and left me with his named strider, now I had 2, thing was I had no use for 2nd one so.. I devised little plan (much like the 2shops 1 were 1 person sells normal and other person pays High! for it but closes shop after play buys), thing is heres how I made profit:

1)Shout’d Cheap strider No-Name/lv.55 clean ! for 18-19m after alittle while i got replys (Kain btw)

2)showed the strider to him (the no-name one)

3)trade commence: now put up the strider w/ name existing

4)hopefully he never noticed in trade-box (so far iv done this 3x and made about 14m lol but got caught about 2x now)

5)look around for a strider w/ name and their usualy 12-15m in Giran and than repeat ^.^

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