Adena Strategy (Scavengers) – Animal Skins (Lineage ii dark elf)

For high level scavengers (Level 40-50) there is a TON of money to be made in the road leading down to Giant’s cave, just southeast of Aden. There are constantly 10-20 "Weird Drakes" hovering about which spoil animal skins at an 80-85% clip. As most scavengers know, each animal skin sells for between 400-500 adena these days in a private store, and sell rather briskly.

To make this strategy even better, not only do weird drakes spoil animal skin at such a high rate, they spoil 1 to 3 animal skins with EACH spoil….not just one skin. Using this strategy partying with an archer i’ve pulled in 127 animal skins in just over an hour. That’s a cool 65,000 adena per hour just off animal skins. Add in the adena drops (300-700 adena per kill), and at a solo rate with a single healer party member, or a single archer that’s about 100k per hour without using any soulshots.

Great money for all you high level scavengers out there. You can easily pull in 500k a day with this strategy.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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