Fast Leveling with Big Boom (Lineage 2 hatchling quest)

Take any summoner class party the char you want powerleveled in party. Go and kill mobs with the summoner out of range. The powerleveled character gets full xp.

For example:
Warsmith with big boom – pulls mobs with the big boom to the character you want lvled, have the warsmith out of range and big boom it; the character gets xp insanely fast – roughly 1-40 in 3-5 hours depending on pulls and skill. Note: empower and berserk increase big boom’s damage.

this exploit has been confirm by many people and i have seen it been done around aden.

works in c3 but not sure in c4 but c4 isnt out yet but until then this exploit works

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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  1. carl says:

    I dont get it can u go over it in details please 🙂 i really wanna get to a high level fast 😀

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