Orc Money Grinding 101 (Lineage 2 weapon sa)

Not a whole lot to this one. But thought I’d put it out in case nobody knew. If I can stress one thing it is DO NOT leave orc lands till you are at least lvl 20. May sound dumb but trust me on this one. There is too much opportunity to milk the underpopulated orc lands for all they are worth.

Now down to business….

First off, you need at least lvl 15 to do this right. Depending on drops you can bring in roughly 30-70k an hour here. Now, get EVERY possible quest in the orc villiage you can. Gatekeeper, Bats, Goblins, Werewolves, Kasha Bears. Don’t worry about the imp one it’s worthless. Now head out the city towards the Frozen waterfalls. At the circular road on your map head south towards the fork in the road. cross the bridge and take a right. Follow that road to the first fork and take a left. On this road you will travel a short distance and on the left hand side you will see Imp Cheiftans, grizzlies, and Darkwing bats. Kill bats for your quest. A very short distance from the bats you will see goblins, golems and Werewolves. See where this is headed? Now up the road from here toward the Cave of trials is Kasha Bears. All the mops you need for your quest hang out in this area. Grind all your quests out, hit an escape scroll back to town, get rewarded, rinse repeat. I can usually net about 100k in about 2-3 runs easy. Most drops I get are cedar staves that drop off golems. I just sell these to vendors, since it’s hard to get more than 30k for em and they sell in the store for 27k anyways. Now I’m quite sure you need to be an orc for most if not all of these quest so there you go my fellow orcs. Hope this sucker helps.

Kasha Bears: Hestui Totem worth 5500a to vendor
Bats: 3500a
Goblins: 1500a
Werewolves: 1500a (and occasional totem drops that sell for 600a)
Golems: Gatekeeper charm. (Free ride to mainland. Sell for 2ka to other players.)
Weapon drops: Bats: Dwarf Mace Kasha Bears: Fox’s Nails Goblins: Various leather armors Werewolves: not sure Golems: Cedar Staff

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