Human Wizard leveling guide 1-20 (Lineage 2 leveling Guide)

This guide is written for human wizards soloing from level 1-20+ but it also applies to clerics from level 1-20 and there are pointers for mages in general. it doesnt detail quests, so go read up on human quest guides.

I wont focus much from level 1 -4 because this is pretty straightforward.. do the newbie quest, followed by the delivery quest, daring’s potion, and the one given by the guy at the lighthouse. you should be able to get the 800 adena weapon and fill up your armor slots with all the cheapest stuff. at level 4, move from keltirs to wolves…take up the quest to hunt for wolf skins.. if you’re lucky you might get something useful. level 5, go to the dwarf at the warehouse and tell him you want hunt toads for adamantite ore. you can do this for the next

few levels.. or until you get sick of hunting them, then move on to orcs, orc grunts and werewolves. don’t bother upgrading to the 14k weapon because you can do the wand of adept quest. (unless you find a really cheap deal on it)

*general tip for mages: try to maximise your WS and not to use icebolt too much because its not as mana efficient as wind strike. don’t waste your mana by overkilling and if you find your hp going down too fast try some other mobs that are at your level or up to 4 lvls under. also, try to find slow mobs to lvl on… preferably those you dont have to kite at all because when you run you regenerate mana slower.

at lvl 10, go do the wand of adept quest.. its pretty simple if you know the locations of all the spirit of mirrors. they take a few minutes to spawn so just wait if someone else just killed one. also, give the giant spiders a wide berth when going for the last spirit. if one of them aggroes you, there are only three things you can do… fight it and hope for the best.. icebolt and run(although icebolt tends to fail when you really need it) or yell for help!(best option if there are people around)

next you can do the sword of soliditary quest. this one shouldn’t be attempted solo.. go find a tank(or two) and take out orc warriors or archers in the elven ruins(dungeon). sell this off to the shop or to a player(usually for 1 or 2k more). try to stay on talking island til about 14 or 15. there are three more quests you should take up… the golem shards, edmund’s and rylith’s letter. i didn’t take up the orcish arrowheads one because i hate the dungeon and i hate archers… i also didn’t do the spider skins quest cos the rewards are poor and i hate giant spiders(up until lvl 20 that is, after which you can exact your REVENGE.. more on this later)

*tip for fighting golems(and other mobs that cast spells you dont want casted on you eg zombies): go up close to them – about melee range – and then cast your WS. run back a little and then cast another WS. repeat this until they’re dead or low on health then just give it a few whacks. if you tackle them from long range they are more likely to retaliate with a spell.

also, make sure you fill up all your jewelry slots. they’re not a high priority but at least fill them up.

getting to mainland is simple enough.. take the boat if you can afford it.. there is a boat announcement now which saves you a lot of time. also, taking the boat the first time can be quite an experience. if you want save adena(or if you just missed the boat), you can actually run to gludio… just buy yourself a scroll of escape, then run to the northernmost edge of the island and drop off the edge of the cliff. you’ll land in the ocean but just keep running straight for gludio. use battle heal if you get low on hp. if you keep running you’ll come across a giant air pocket that lies beneath the ocean. it stretches almost all the way to gludin so just click in the distance and go make yourself a cup of coffee or something. when you reach the other end of the air pocket(open your map and check that your cursor is touching the gludin harbour) use your scroll of escape.
disclaimer: i doubt that the giant air pocket is supposed to be there so dont blame me if it gets patched and you dont find it there anymore… safer to take the boat ya?

leveling from 15 to 20 is tedious for me.. xp gets harder to gain and your powers dont improve much.. the ideal place to lvl 15-20 is at the ruins of sorrow just south of gludio. go for the ruin imps and scavenger bats(aggro).. why? because they’re slow and take they take extra damage from WS… you can also pick up the skeleton quest from guard curtis at gludio and kill skellies while at it. zombie soldiers are a good bet too… just use same tactic as golems… the ruins can be a dangerous place cos the mobs are condensed together and a lot of them are aggro. stay away from the zombie warriors cos they may be too tough(they aggro you, just run).. defiantly stay away from bugbear warriors.. and if you see the soul scavenger surrounded by skellies.. STAY AWAY!

*important spells/skills to max: windstrike, vamp touch, battleheal, masteries.. the rest are optional.. its probably a good idea to save points by skipping skills you dont need so you can get all the important ones at lvl 20 immediately. eg i skipped curse:weakness, group heal, heal, poison(i think this becomes useful only at level 3 so you can always get it later). i also keep icebolt at level1 or 2 so i can use it as an opening attack on a white player if necessary.(and not worry so much about it killing in one shot)

at lvl 19 you can start doing your wizard quest. its pretty easy except for the middle part where you have to go in search of some lizardman in the wastelands which are full of lvl 40 mobs. make sure you know the exact location of the lizardman (look at the quest guide map) and avoid aggro. you can outrun the basilisks, but if an ant captain or skeleton shooter/raider notices you, you’re pretty much done for. not even a quick step potion will save you.

once you get your wizard title, first thing to do is to max blaze and auraburn, quick recovery and boost mana. pick up cure poison if you haven’t. its time to exact revenge on spiders!

blaze does more damage to spiders so you’ve offically become a spider-killer! the hunted becomes the hunter! take a trip to dark elf town and pick up the quest by astaron. next talk to gatekeeper jasmine and teleport to south of dark elven forest. there you’ll find poison spiders and bind poison spiders all around.. kill them, get 10 venom sacs and recall back to town. astaron will give you 3500, after deduction of teleportation costs, you’ll earn about 2000 adena but you can do this at a fast rate. the best part is that you dont have to run and you should be able to get 10 sacs without resting. by the time you get back to town, talk to astaron, sell your loot and return to the hunting spot, your mana should have replenished and you can just repeat the cycle. dark elf territory is also a good place to test out flamestrike… bats and horrors are good targets for it..

after lvl 25, a good place is the marsh around cruma tower. later on, ants and golems in the wastelands… using poison on those golems is a very very good tactic. they are like a wizard’s dream mob… plus you can take up the golem heart quest for them. make sure you use body to mind often. use in conjunction with corpse life drain(on higher lvl mobs) and vamp touch(on lower lvl mobs).

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