L2 Walker

Download the IG eL2Walker 1.47: here.
Password Key/Serial:
Password update: 5/14/06

All Files will be installed to: My documents/eL2Walker.

Fast/Slow? Download the slides here: http://www.gamearena.tv/files/tu/el2setupslides.zip

In order for this to work Lineage 2 MUST be running in windowed mode.

Okay think of this… If you cannot see your start bar while playing Lineage 2, you are currently running in full screen. Simply press Alt+Enter to “restore.” If you can see your start bar plus maybe a little desktop, you did everything correctly. You now should be able to press the “home” key and a hidden menu will appear.

All you need to do is configure the settings within eL2Walker. What settings? (Settings)
o I press “home” and nothing happens.
For some reason windows XP and the walker software dont like working through shortcuts. Try running both of the programs directly from their folders. EX.

Instead of running it from your desktop links. Goto the install folder. In my case that was My Documents\eL2Walker\ Run the .exe files directly from that folder. When i run them from the desktop link they act like they are working but the HOME bind in game doesnt work. As soon as i run them from the folder.. WHAMMO works perfectly

o My eL2Walker doesn’t verify.
Try opening a 5 verifyserver’s set first one to
5001, start
next one to 5002, start
next one to 5003, start
next one to 5004, start
next one to 5005, start

If this doesn’t work, something is blocking it, or your host file hasn’t been altered/replaced.

o My eL2Walker STILL doesn’t verify.
Restart your computer

1. Turn off firewalls & autoprotecting programs (temporary)
2. Open eL2Walker 1.47
3. Click Run
4. Login to your character
5. Press Home (It should read.. “not verify”)
6. Run l2_All.exe and Start it.
7. Go back to LineageII and click on “Reverify”

If that doesn’t work… please answer these questions below.

1. When installing the setup, you replaced the “hosts” file right?
2. Do you have an Windows OS > XP?
3. Try downloading the copy directly from the website. (this won’t self extract) eL2Walker 1.47
4. Firewalls/AntiViruses? If so, what are the name(s)
5. Have you updated your computer recently? (ie: windows update, java)


o Can I have multiple IG eL2walkers open at the same time?
* Yes you can. The unfortunate… IG L2Walker will use approximately 256mb – 512mb ram per opened window. The reason is because it still has to render the GUI (graphical user interface). Timeouts, Lag, Crashes are almost unavoidable when your system ram is to its limit. If you are having some major problems, try raising your paging file.

* You will need a L2W_All opened for every L2 window you have at all times.
o L2.exe (First Lineage 2 Window)
L2W_All (w/ Number 5001)

o L2.exe (Second Lineage 2 Window)
L2W_All (w/ Number 5002)

o Why does Lineage 2 not respond to any commands after a period of time?
L2Walker has a built-in log.

* Next time Lineage 2 “freezes.”
o Open the L2Walker configuration (home)
o Under Information you will find Chat Setting.
o You will see tabs at the bottom, make sure its on “Sys”
o Above it should give you a reason why is disconnected.
o Ctrl + Q will quit Lineage 2 without opening Task Manager.


Install OGG (Out of Game) Walker
o Download the OGG version.
o Download the maps here.

o Extract everything inside the rar file anywhere on your computer, run L2Walker to access the program. The OGG version is a very handy program because it uses much less processes in order to run. Definatly best for people running 2-4 characters on one computer. I advize, if you are new to the whole “Walker” thing, start with the IG version, once you get the hang of it move to OGG.


243 Responses to L2 Walker

  1. BRUNO says:


  2. bill says:

    hi im trying to connect to a private server
    my problem is this
    when i click run i get an error message like this ”l2.exe file size error”

  3. shura says:

    hi, i have an problem i dont know what is the Home button? can me everyone say it?

  4. Asakura says:

    when i click run i get an error message like this ”l2.exe file size error”

  5. antonis says:

    hi im trying to connect to a private server
    my problem is this
    when i click run i get an error message like this ”l2.exe file size error”
    help plzzzzzz

  6. ARNETT says:

    same prob as the above ppl i got that error message to “l2.exe file size error need help thanx

  7. umbrella says:

    can some one tell me that l2-walker serial key? plzzzz

  8. karafso says:

    hi i have s problem.when i open the walker i get a error “open file L2info.dat fail” what i must do to?
    e.g i have window XP

  9. TempUser says:

    For those ”l2.exe file size error”. You need to run both the exe files DIRECTLY. NOT running them from shortcuts.

  10. lubbers says:

    And the other??…. cause i have same (open file L2info.dat fail) problem

  11. lubbers says:

    Hmm i might know why… but dunno how i can fix…. could it be that i haven’t got it on right server? cause i’m playing on a private server. if this is the problem how do i fix everything?

  12. umbrella says:

    this l2walker is working exellent but i dont know how to use it on that l2walker i can get aden for free or item?? if i can plz tell me

  13. Monty says:

    What do you mean run them both from the exe? the only exe i have is the shortcut…

  14. Monty says:

    yeah i figured out what that means, however it still doesnt work.

  15. TempUser says:

    After installing the l2walker, it’ll place all your l2walker files into \My Documents\eL2Walker folder and 2 shortcuts in the desktop. Running the shortcuts might have the above error.
    But when I open my window explorer to the folder where l2waker files located. They work perfectly, even on a private server.

    Anyway, here’re steps to run the l2walker. Hope it helps.

    1.) Install l2waker.
    2.) Allow it to change your host file during the installation.

    Running l2walker:
    1.) Go directly to \My Documents\eL2Walker by window explorer.
    2.) Double click on L2W_All.EXE to run it.
    3.) Click on “Start”. Leave it open at all time while running l2walker.
    4.) Double click on L2Walker.exe to run it.
    5.) It’ll prompt you with a small window box. Make sure the file path is correctly pointed to your l2 program. Default l2 path is C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system\l2.exe
    6.) Click on “Run it”, “Run”, or “Run L2”. It’s pretty straight forward, I just can’t remember the exact name. LOL.
    7.) When your l2 prompts you with your login name and password, press “Home” key. The “Home” key locates at the upper right of your “Delete” key on your keyboard. You’ll see another window popup within your l2.
    8.) Remember your l2 MUST run in window mode INSTEAD of full screen. Window mode = you can see those familiar window border and it has “Minimize”, “Restore”, and “Close” icons at your upper right corner like every other window. If you’re not sure about this, look at your upper right corner now.
    9.) If you don’t see these icons stated at #8 while running l2, or not running in window mode, press “alt” + “Enter” on your keyboard.

    If you need to learn how to setup the bot. Check it out here.

  16. mist says:

    I have this problem l2.exe file size error but my l2 path is C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system\l2.exe like it should be, no shortcuts….. :/ it still doesnt work! plz help

  17. Bumpi says:

    When it prompts for the log on screen it comes up as C3. As well as when I try to log in it automatically DC’s me? wtf?

  18. LExy says:

    ppl i have the same problem with the…”l2.exe file size error” and i started everything from the executabiles as you said but still i get the same problem…..pls help…..

  19. leo says:

    “l2 exe file size error !!

  20. Mattex says:

    i have the same problem with the “L2info.dat”. can u give me a tip to solve it? tnx

  21. Mattex says:

    ok..i solved all the problems
    l2info.dat error -> run both programs from installation folder
    dimendion error -> i reselected the l2.exe file in the window

  22. maxx says:

    have the same prob “L2 exe file size error !!”

  23. stathis says:


    is warking *_^

  24. teh ownerer says:

    ok i still get that L2.exe file size error even when i run L2W and L2Walker from the installation folder so i dont know how to fix it

  25. roadkill says:

    i get that L2.EXE file size error. when i put in C:\Program Files\Lineage II\system\l2.exe

  26. roadkill says:

    what does run DIRECTLY mean anyways? just get it when from that folder icon that u browse for it

  27. CrimsonKing says:

    I get “L2.exe file size error” no matter where i launch program from pls help

  28. gaitadefoles says:

    Trying to make it work on supremel2.com, but i can’t make it cause of “l2.exe file size error”…help plz..ty

  29. annoymous says:

    the admins made some sort of protection against bots. i kept getting this message everytime i try to run l2walker, “The program is already run”.

  30. Luke says:

    l2 tells me hacking device found, what i do

  31. Jhnboy says:

    I still have the l2.exe file size error after trying everything

    the only thing i dont get is how to modify your hosts file…

    it says to allow the installer to modify it but… it never had an option to allow or deny modifying the host file….

  32. marc says:

    mouk me 2 i get the message hacking devise found blabla.anyone figured what to do with that?pls help me fix my bots.”me need rice”.just comming back to erica also .not sure i want to stay there if anyone has good spot for a former 4bots grp master let me know ill consider mouving server .need no trauma but wanna siege

  33. MadMan says:

    well the file size error is your probably running c5 the file size of the exe file is diffrent than c4 as far as i know there is no fix for this and of course might change for interlude

  34. brs says:

    “L2.exe file size error” , i try to run a loader from a pirate server (Dragon Network), how to make an exe to 248KB? or how to fix this problem? is there any IG that allows u to conect without deppending on the file size? a mod maybe? plz answr

  35. teh ownerer says:

    were can i actually buy L2 walker cuz i tried downloadin it here but it didnt work

  36. symiakos says:

    have you change the serial i cand install tha l2 walker plz reply

  37. jonny says:

    What’s the serial number? Please can you tell me, thanks.

  38. Mole says:

    I play on a private server (Age of Shadows C6) Interlude and when I use the l2.exe in my Lineage 2 game folder it reads l2.exe size error. Any work around this? Or is there a macro/macro program that just lets me enchant the same item over and over?

  39. makis says:

    It worked on a private server but not on official ๐Ÿ™ HELP PLZ

  40. Kamikaze IN says:

    ok i fixed the L2.exe file size problem. this is pretty simple, after reading here, i thought of some things
    1: delete L2.exe from your system folder
    2: download a server patch from a l2 server that does work with this hack(optional or u can download my exe file below)
    3: extract only L2.exe to your system folder (i have attached a link to the working L2.exe below)
    4: start it up with the bot, it works perfectly with any server
    5: Enjoy

    Exe file: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TYBDXCG7

    Credit to: Dj ReLoop / Kamikaze IN

  41. mole says:

    wow did you get past the l2file.exe error makis?

  42. makis says:

    on the private server it doesnt have any l2.exe size error…
    But on official it has the l2.exe file size error.. could anyone plz help on the size error? thnx

  43. makis says:

    Kamikaze IN im sorry to say that the answer to the l2.exe file size error u gave is not working for official… i downloaded ur l2.exe i press run but no running.. i tried with the l2.exe from a private server that i play and bot works( on private) i copy pasted the l2.exe but still not working in official… its not even running when i press run… can someone give a solution to the l2.exce file size error about the official plz?? someone help… i appreciate it… makis

  44. Kamikaze IN says:

    hey, yeah, i forgot to mention, lol its for private servers, i dont play on official-so i dont really know if it works there or not.
    some private servers also give FILE SIZE ERROR. so i fixed it by doing that
    sorry for not mentioning it makis

  45. someone says:

    hey my friend got same L2walker from here and he plays on same sever and his l2walker working but mine noe still: eror:l2info.dat opening fail

  46. Andrey says:

    i tried to use l2walker,and at first i got that l2.exe error,i downloaded ur l2.exe,and i get general, i play on a private server,and i can`t get the bot to work plzzz heelp ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. Rich says:

    I tried Kamikazes method on the private server that I play on and it fixed the file size error problem but now when I get to the loggin screen it always shows that the server is down 9999. I go to check to see if the server is up on my other computer that does not have the bot installed and it shows that the server is up and running. Any idea how to fix this ?

  48. bluu says:

    Hey can you help me!
    eror:l2info.dat opening fail
    How to fix! pls help

  49. nexus says:

    i tried to use the l2walker on l2frienz… but when i try to login i canดt login ๐Ÿ™ how can i fix that?

  50. molizetus says:

    I cant downloa that exe file pls make other link plss ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. ToTo42 says:

    Hey could someone help me, i’m on a C5 private server, i’ve only modifier the hosts file to play on it. I used to have the File size error but then i changed the L2.exe file and i didn’t get the error anymore. But now everytime i press “run” the L2walker thing goes into hide mode and nothing happens. No errors, nothing, the game doesn’t even launch.

    Could anybody help me?

  52. Rich says:

    Anyone have this bot working on l2forever ?

  53. qwert says:

    is it working in supremel2?

  54. Top says:

    I downloaded this and opened the L2w_all ..started the port 5001.And my virus protecter stopped a worm with a trojan horse.Don’t download this crap…just play the game and 2box it’s not hard and you will make 52 in a month.

  55. need l2walker to supremel2.com plz…

    someone???plz share…ty

  56. Zee says:

    I’ve tried this, but it doesn’t work for Echo Kinetics(c5)…when i boot it up it says l2.exe file error or w/e….and when I try it with a newer version of IG walker L2W_All.exe doesnt recognize it and when I tell the bot to start hunting, nothing happens.

  57. TOmiuzoY says:

    Need L2Walker for SupremeL2 !! HELP!

  58. Piriuxa says:

    Please post there L2 walker for supreme

  59. admin says:

    Please let me know where I can get it and I’ll add it to the site. I haven’t been able to locate it my self.


  60. Marco says:

    kami i’ve downloaded your l2.exe but when i play l2walker and i click ok run, it goes on taskbar but l2 not works… if i try to start it manually it say: msvcr70.dll not found…
    pls help..
    ps sorry my english but i m italian ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. tobolisk says:

    I get the same file size error but im not posting because of that.

    I need to ask another thing first… Im playing on a private server, and the file server name is no “L2.exe”. So how can i open the file server if the program only let me use “L2.exe” name?

    Im kinda noob on this things so help me plz.

  62. tad_gr says:

    Hello does anyone know where can i find the map for l2walker?
    thank you

  63. Minnerr says:

    Do you have the OOG version? i cant find it

  64. tobolisk says:

    I get the same file size error but im not posting because of that.

    I need to ask another thing firstโ€ฆ Im playing on a private server, and the file server name is no “L2.exe”. So how can i open the file server if the program only let me use “L2.exe” name?

    Im kinda noob on this things so help me plz.

  65. LoVeRSaMa says:

    For the last time, L2 Walker will not work on Supreme L2 =]

  66. Dan says:

    Ok, what L2 sites will it work for? I keep getting the file size error. I am trying to use it with GameGate. Are there any other free servers it will work for??

  67. mitsos says:

    i have overcome the problem with file size error thanks to kamikaze IN but i cant login in the game(server is e-global if i can help you). plz send me e reply, i would appreciate this (sorry for me english i am from greece)

  68. I like boys says:

    so…where do we find a l2walker for supremel2??

  69. look says:

    this one is working but not perfect.. :/

  70. drauth says:

    i tried to set up a bot for supremel2 and here’s what happened:

    i managed to get past the “l2.exe file size error” but then before the game loaded i got the following Crit Error:

    OS: Windows 98 4.10 (Build: 67766446)
    CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2333 MHz with 1022MB RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX (8429)

    General protection fault!

    History: FL2GameData::EulaLoad

  71. drauth says:

    oops msg was too large… here’s the rest of it…

    OS: Windows 98 4.10 (Build: 67766446)
    CPU: GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2333 MHz with 1022MB RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GTX (8429)

    General protection fault!

    History: FL2GameData::EulaLoad

  72. drauth says:


    History: FL2GameData::EulaLoad

  73. drauth says:

    History: FL2GameData: : EulaLoad – FL2GameData::Load() – UGameEngine:: Init – InitEngine

  74. drauth says:

    does not work for me… Link Login Server Failed…

  75. I like boys says:

    so basically theres no bot for supremel2…

  76. admin says:

    If there is one, someone say so, I’m unable to find one. If you let me know, I’ll add it to the site. Thanks

  77. roXer says:

    here supremel2 wolker working with 1.9.5 patch
    watch for admins ๐Ÿ˜‰

  78. marcuss says:

    thnx..now im rich.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  79. drauth says:

    wrong token :S

    and what is the engine for?

  80. roXer says:

    man if you dont know how to use l2walker so dont use it!

  81. roXer says:

    oh..sry my mistake, i was put wrong token code, now i repaired this and u can redownload
    new link: h**p://rapidshare.com/files/31610040/supl2walker_upd_2_.rar.html

  82. yea says:

    um…i think theres something wrong with the l2ssrv…
    cant seem to connect to the loginserver..

  83. i like boys says:

    yea getting the same problem…-.-

  84. i like boys says:

    something wrong with the auth server?

  85. ffs says:


  86. NaNo says:

    roxer i download l2walker for supreme l2 , but i press login server
    L2Walker was patched for L2Supremel2 (13:28:46)
    Copyright by Hint
    13:28:55 o)
    13:28:55 Enjoy!
    13:28:57 ->Link LoginServer Fail.

  87. i like boys says:

    yea i get the same problem…
    please let me know about a bot that works on sl2

  88. fishy says:

    i have a problem
    i can’t connect to private server :/
    when i press run i got error l2.exe file size error

  89. Stefano says:

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2415 MHz with 1022MB RAM
    Video: No Video

    Can’t find ‘ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine’ in configuration file

    History: UObject::SafeLoadError

  90. Stefano says:

    hi all… this is the error i have ^^’
    plz help :*
    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2415 MHz with 1022MB RAM
    Video: No Video

    Can’t find ‘ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine’ in configuration file

    History: UObject::SafeLoadError

  91. THEPMAN says:

    18:30:06 Now we will use local verification:o)
    18:30:06 Enjoy!
    18:30:06 Link LoginServer Succeed.
    18:30:36 ->Login LoginServer Timeout.

    WTF does this mean. what am i doing wrong. i know im soooo close to making 10.7.4 OOG walker work? anyone help me plz

  92. LoVeRSaMa says:

    lmfao @ you noobs, you will not get it working on SupremeL2 !

  93. i have the same problems as above…
    i play the C6 interlude server: Pwnage (http://www.l2pwnage.net/)
    i did everything i know… i know this: L2authd.lineage2.com
    port: 7777,2106
    it’s C6

    here are some ss:


  94. ig walker is working but i really need oog

    help me

  95. BlaH says:

    For the “L2.exe file size error” :
    I solved it as i just got a new Version of the IG Walker ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Link : http://www.towalker.com/english/down.asp

    But i have another problem:
    My Walker doesnดt verify,i think its because i have the IP of the private Server on which i play in my hosts file. Do there have to be the ones from the Walker also?

    This: vip.tt2xz.com vip1.tt2xz.com vip2.tt2xz.com vip3.tt2xz.com vip4.tt2xz.com vip5.tt2xz.com vip6.tt2xz.com vip7.tt2xz.com

  96. stef schenkelaars says:

    i play ig walker too, you dont need other host

  97. laouli says:

    hi .. about supremel2 anyoneknow how/where to buy adena ? i’have aonly saw some polish website and don’t understand anything -_-

    so .. need your help ๐Ÿ˜›

  98. admin says:

    To buy Lineage 2 Adena, I recommend http://www.themmorpgexchange.com they’re fast and have great prices.

  99. laouli says:

    i asked them … but they do not sell in private server … and seems they won’t do … :S

    so my question still need an answer ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

  100. can anyone help me with the config file of gamegate.gr says:

    please ive downloaded new version full http://www.towalker.com/english/down.asp

    but how do i config that walker

    ip is dont know protocol but the server is using interulde please help me or mail me

  101. Pro Guest says:

    For those of you with “file size error”, it is because the server has changed the l2.exe in the patch to stop botters. this is simply overcome. all you need to do is reinstall the client and BEFORE you install patch, you take L2.exe out of system folder and then u patch. once you have installed your server patch, then you put the L2.exe back in system folder and that is the problem sorted. (gms are stoopid.)

  102. Christopher says:

    Okay, I fixed multiple errors which included the l2.exe file size error and I also had file dat info error, My next problem is that when I get to the login screen. I enter in my account info and nothing happens. Please help me

  103. Christopher says:

    Can someone who knows ALOT about what they are doing add me to msn, mine is chrisman657@hotmail.com. I need some help getting into the game and then setting it up. Thanks

  104. Honorable says:

    My walker does not connect to L2W_All, I opened up 5 of them numbering 5001-5 I read something about an alterd Host file up top but I dont know anything about that…Does L2 IG walker need a modified host file? Please help~ Thanks!

  105. i like boys says:

    i get blocked by gameguard i think…-.-
    is there anyway to bypass that?

  106. i like boys says:

    ok to be more dsecriptive

    i get that file he posted to fix the l2.exe file size error and i get this and i run it with it

    General protection fault!

    History: FL2GameData::EulaLoad

  107. Anonymous says:

    I was using IGWalker fine for 2 days, but after I ran the auto updater today to log on retail, and then after used Walker to log onto a different server, it said L2.exe file size error. How do I fix it so it will run again?

  108. Anonymous says:

    I just realized Pro Guest said what to do but, I’m not fully catching what he means, do I have to reinstall and update my entire L2 up to that new patch, pull my .exe file out just before the patch, and then put it back in all ninja like? That sounds like a pain in the ass.

  109. anonymous32123 says:

    any walker working for supremel2? also anyone know where to buy gear/adena for supremel2?

  110. Roubik says:

    Looking for IG or OOG L2WALKER for L2forever private server
    If someone can help me to configure or send me files needed, contact me on fudoshinshogun@hotmail.com

  111. Some guy says:

    Ok, some people are asking about private servers. You need to change your hosts file if you are using L2W_All.exe. You need to find your hosts file AFTER you patch with the private server patch. You will see that their server is currently in the hosts file. Add vip.towalker.com vip1.towalker.com vip2.towalker.com vip3.towalker.com vip4.towalker.com vip5.towalker.com vip6.towalker.com vip7.towalker.com

    Add that right after “localhost” on different lines for each. For L2Pwnage, there is an exception. Their L2Pwnage LAUNCHER changes the hosts file. So use the launcher, and then add the vip.towalker.com’s in the hosts file.

  112. dsafdsa says:

    supreme has an anti walker patch that seems to be unbreakable…im sure there are a few people who have a way, but over 95% of the people there dont use walker

  113. rjay says:

    i tried using this in lineage2 malasia-philippines… but i got the error “l2.exe file size error” any one can help me? this is just a new server here in philippines… help is appreciated…

  114. TheChosenOne says:

    I have problem with verify when i click start i get smg “cannot initialise socket” wtf…?

  115. Nick says:

    Need help wit ingame walker i have the compatable one with c5 but i play on a server with a loader Heavens gate does anyone have a working ig walker for this server or can someone pls let me know ow to bypass the Loader

  116. ulaenyth says:

    2007.7.26 11:15:43
    OS : Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU : GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 2803 MHz with 447MB RAM
    Video : No Video

    General protection fault!

    History: UGameEngine::Tick

  117. Leppard says:

    i tried to connect to dragon-network but i cant launch game using l2.exe. what to do?
    help me with this… http://www.dragon-network.net/

    write me for any info how to use l2 walker on this server..


  118. Leppard says:

    anyone can help me with dragon-network? it has a loader and l2 cant be open using l2.exe file – OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 1916 MHz with 511MB RAM
    Video: No Video

    Can’t find ‘ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine’ in configuration file

    History: UObject::SafeLoadError

  119. Leppard says:

    how to make bot on this server? please someone help me…

  120. Eikichi says:

    Does anyone here can help me to bot on L2 SEA.. Lineage 2 South East Asia.. It currently runs on Interlude version.. I hope someone with a good soul can tip me off what l2bot i can use for that server.. Thanks!!!!

  121. Syraxius says:

    lol hey i’m on L2 sea too. server is currently down for maintenance, i’ll try this out when it’s back up. you (or any other l2-sea-ers) got it working yet?

  122. jajajanoob says:

    i have the same l2info.dat error

    some1 attempted to answer this questions buy saying

    l2info.dat error -> run both programs from installation folder

    this means nothing to me and many others….be more specific…does any1 have an answer to this problem or is this bot just some kind of keylogger?

  123. nOz says:

    anyone know the


    for the Lineage SEA server..? tnx

  124. Snirubau says:

    I get this erroe: L2.exe size error and l2info.dat not found

  125. Calcoon says:

    Got it to work on a c5 private server!!

    Just use the ingame walker and save urself the trouble for searching loginserver , port and protocol version!


  126. Matthew says:

    Does anybody got it running on a private server WITH a loader? Does anybody knows how to do it? I get on the log in screen but due to the server loader thing itดs not possible to connect (you insert user and password but the client doesnดt connect). I know itดs possible because i already saw bots on the server, very few but there are some… Any help would be apreciated. Thank you.

  127. George says:

    Hello there… i’m trying to use L2Walker OOG for l2-PVPX private server, whet i use IG, a massege appears on the top left of my screen that writes “PROTECTED”, so i try to use OOG, I Decrypt l2.ini and i found port and IP and as a protocol i use 413 (i take it from Lineage2Ver413, the first word of encrypt l2.ini, I don’t know if this is wrong, pls correct me if I’m wrong)! But when i try to login l2walker writes this messege:

    12:46:58 Link LoginServer Succeed.
    12:47:28 ->Login LoginServer Timeout.

    Is there anyone that can help me… plz….

  128. kals says:


    l2walker 1.81..crack


  129. timbuang says:

    guys wer can i find a dupe hack for L2 SEA .. thanks

  130. yoyoma says:

    how do i connect OOG to private server like L2 vendetta?

  131. natic says:

    game guard is blocking the bot. what should i do? pls help. im playing L2 SEA

  132. Bruno Wagner says:

    Man… i have to take a OOG l2walker… but really means if no ones OOG work on interlude… its true???

  133. Dauntless says:

    natic you can run the bot from L2SEA?

  134. Tommy says:

    i lol’d at the fire being hot or cold, ANYWAYS, im pretty sure this was an attempt for RETAIL l2, not private servers. if you want to get walker working on an L2J server, you need a token, no, i dont know how to get it. for an L2O server, i have no clue, i’ve never tried one.

  135. Cesoir says:

    I have the exact same problem as toto42:

    “Hey could someone help me, i’m on a C5 private server, i’ve only modifier the hosts file to play on it. I used to have the File size error but then i changed the L2.exe file and i didn’t get the error anymore. But now everytime i press “run” the L2walker thing goes into hide mode and nothing happens. No errors, nothing, the game doesn’t even launch.

    Could anybody help me?”

    I only have the problem with older versions of L2W. If I try and use a version that doesn’t use l2asrv, like 1.78, it launches fine…but obviously, I can’t verify. If I try and use 1.55/1.46/1.47, pressing Run will just hide the window, and nothing else happens. If I try just loading L2W then starting l2 manually, pressing Home in game does nothing. Anyone have any advice? I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks.

  136. Cesoir says:

    Oh, also, I’ve tried this on more than one private server. Same problem each time.

  137. styluszero says:

    zomg i managed logging in the game through the l2walker
    i pressed “home” and a new window pop uped but the problem is i dont know how to config it and theres no messages in the l2W_ALL, i read the walkthrought about the l2walker but its hard to understand, can someone give an example of a config,

  138. Daryll says:

    could someone help me to configure the settings of my bot? I have a problem with the IP Address. I need an IP address of lineage2 SEA and also i don’t know how to arrange it’s settings.

  139. Shaovel says:

    anyone can help me with dragon-network? it has a loader and l2 cant be open using l2.exe file – OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 1916 MHz with 511MB RAM
    Video: No Video

    Can’t find ‘ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine’ in configuration file

    History: UObject::SafeLoadError

    pls send me mail shaovel@hotmail.it ty

  140. CroX says:

    anyone from SEA..I can show you how to work with bot..but i need something… ๐Ÿ™‚

    drop me a message : crox_2007@yahoo.com

  141. mobster says:

    dos this work for interlude client i went true all the post and i tried the l2.exe file but it still gives me the message..
    if somebody can help me please i play on the l2faction server.

  142. mobster says:

    let me ask a diverent question i got it to work but it wont launch l2 automaticly and if i start it it says hacking device found …. is there a solution
    forget about my last question

  143. Kenichi says:

    Anyone know how to bot in L2 sea server???
    Anyone who are willing to teach me , i provide some receipe or iron even thought i am just lv 14
    msn : han428@hotmail.com

  144. Anynomous says:

    Does any of you know a BIG nerd? If you do, ask him to get l2W working on c5/c6 servers (Servers that dont run trough l2.exe) Any development at getting the bot working on l2supreme? LoverSama whats your GM name in l2 supreme?

  145. earth says:

    Can anyone teach me how to bot in l2 SEA?
    il pay cold cash to your good deed. mail me, i live in manila.


  146. LethalShot says:

    Is there a way to run walker on Official and make supreme run on the same time without using walker? Cause now it detects walkers and stops supreme from running

  147. daredevill says:

    Hi all walker friends ๐Ÿ˜‰ i think it will be stupid question but i would like to run some walker on the l2supreme server& i need your help now any link any details how pls let me now on daredevill1@azet.sk for our better future thx ;)gl hf

  148. l2_200x says:

    earth and Kenichi ..PM here is my Yahoo ID l2_200x@yahoo.com

  149. l2sea says:

    hi anyone has a IG bot program for L2sea?/if u have pls can u give some links..thanks..coz superman is not working anymore at l2sea…my eadd extacy0690@yahoo.com

  150. Mitsuki says:

    is it possible to run the or a walker though a server that loads from an private/auto updater?

  151. octigon says:

    im trying to figure out how to use walker on a private server that does not use the normal host file, can anyone give me a hand,

    i basically just need to know where to put the vip.towalker.com vip1.towalker.com vip2.towalker.com vip3.towalker.com vip4.towalker.com vip5.towalker.com vip6.towalker.com vip7.towalker.com

    so walker nows to connect any help would be great

  152. Penge says:

    Can anyone give a link where i can download L2walkerOGG..Thanks

  153. Paul says:

    So I’ve finally got past all of the errors, and it will load lineage (private server by the way). I type in my user name, password, select server.

    But as soon as I select my character and hit start, L2 crashes. If I do this without opening L2 through IG Walker, it works fine. Only when l2.exe is opened through IG Walker.

    Any ideas?

  154. Mushroom says:

    I try to login to a private server.First i get that “file size error” but the l2.exe from another server solve that problem.I have now problem with the gameguard.I delete the folder from system but all the same.Is there a way to bypass the gameguard?Thnx in advance

  155. xXx says:


    thats the link for OGG, hope that helps you out bro

  156. Junix says:

    anyone know the




  157. dogshit says:

    does anyone have it working for l2supreme?

  158. CABRER says:

    anyone know the


    SUPREMEL2 ???????

  159. dilerinio says:

    i have the same problem “l2 exe size error”(i am trying to use walker in oficial)plz i need help asap

  160. Jimuel says:

    anyone know the



    pls send me the information on my email jimzstone09@yahoo.com thx!!!

  161. Hey Gamers is anyone can send me a working lineage bott walker my e-mail add is macmacfeu2@yahoo.com.ph i downloaded all of the walker patches but still it does`nt work i dont even know what`s working or difference the one i got is verfy surver emulator v 1.0 and l2walker v 1.47 and the problem is l2 file size error and by the way im from phil. lineage SEA please anyone send me a bot software for lineage SEA pls.. thnx to all gamers specially to the ones who are behind this site and THNK FOR ADVANCE GOD SPEED TO ALL “,

  162. krekers says:

    it’s working on c4 onley?

  163. kon says:

    the home button is the pink button ( + ) down in the start line

  164. JUlius says:

    hey can anyone send me a bot?? working on l2 ph… thx

  165. DarkOnyx says:

    I get this error:

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 2801 MHz with 1022MB RAM
    Video: No Video

    Can’t find ‘ini:Engine.Engine.GameEngine’ in configuration file

    History: UObject::SafeLoadError

  166. timborixos says:

    the l2wa.all that file didnt show to me that connected….. and other what i must do to connect the server

  167. roxel says:

    can someone help me,, when i enter the game there is a message the hacking tool has been discovered? anu pu un?

  168. 909 says:

    IgWalker was running on Dragon Community servers. Yesterday I cleaned the cache and Prefetch folders (dunno if this is the cause of the problem). Now when I try to log with Walker I get a critical error. Already re-installed C4 and the issues seems to persist.
    The problem is with the L2.exe, the game uses a launcher, but the launcher uses L2.exe (obviously) to start the game.
    The point is, if I log on with the launcher, I can play and no critical is displayed. I can’t log on with Walker through the launcher, and renaming won’t fix the issue since the file sizes are different.
    Can someone help me?

    Thks in advance.

  169. grem says:

    Hi guys,
    is this thingy working with interlude clients? i am playing on private server(interlude) which is using one luncher (not standart l2.exe), is it problem?

  170. Nuge says:

    The program works, but it can’t run teh l2.exe thingy because the file size is too big. And, so far, lineage 2’s game guard has already been able to detect this as a hack and it will not start.

  171. jim says:

    November 27, 2007
    roxel @ 4:55 am:
    can someone help me,, when i enter the game there is a message the hacking tool has been discovered? anu pu un?

    Hey guys dont forget that L2 is protected by gamegaud , means you cant use any bots anymore!

  172. Tim says:

    I get this general protection fault

    History: FFilemanagerwindows::Findfiles<-appinit<-apploadfiletostring<-Fconfigfile::read<-FconfigcacheIni::find<-FconfigcacheIni::getstring<-Localize

    anyone have any clue how to fix it?

  173. james051181 says:

    L2 sea can detect IG 1.79 anyone knows where can i download the new one? the server says u are using a hacking tool.. pls help me tnx..

  174. pan0c says:

    i log in but when i press home i cant see the skills…!! if anyone knows please tell me!! thanks!

  175. jake ryan says:

    hey,,, how can i duplicate weapons in lineage2.ph and how can i ups my homun sword up +16? i need 1000% safe ups

  176. geokiller says:

    hi .. i have done everything good.. and it’s working , but in l2 i cant see the BOT buff. i cant see the map.”it is blue” ๐Ÿ™ i have swiched the REAL map ,but still it doesnot working .. hlp plz

  177. Julian says:

    I have problem, someone can help me?

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2012 MHz with 1023MB RAM
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS (6371)

    General protection fault!

    History: FL2GameData::EulaLoad <- FL2GameData::Load() <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine

  178. Jeff says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a way to get walker working on l2supreme if anyone knows a way please contact me *rewards* I’m also looking for a place or person to buy adena/gear from on l2 supreme you can contact me via aim/email/msn.

    Aim:osama on 24s

  179. Cappadonna says:

    2008.4.2 00:25:40
    OS : Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU : GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 3223 MHz with 2047MB RAM
    Video : No Video

    General protection fault!

    History: UGameEngine::Tick <- InitEngine

    Someone please solve that error

  180. adam says:

    Ok i downloaded the newest version 1.96 and bought a game time for it. I entered all my info and it registered. When I click querry it says im authenticated and tells me how many days i have left. The problem is when I hit the home button in game nothing happens but it resets my camera view in game. I have made the game windowed mode and still it does nothing but reset my camera. Im using windows xp. I have also tried clicking the direct exe in the install folder and nothing. Im starting to lose my patience with this non sense. The program was looking for a l2.exe for the path but mine was lineageII.exe, i dont think that matters at all because when I press run on the bot it starts the game. Do i need to unbind the home key in the game? I dont understand why the home key does nothing but reset my view. Any help me contact me msn markourn@hotmail.com or reply.

  181. Punk says:

    I NEED HELP FOR DRAGON NETWORK and it looks like drake has build many many many many many firewalls 2 make l2walker not work. 1st i had ofcause the file size error np old c4 trick next engine no proplem aswell after CORD a new 1 i hacked that 1 aswell but then allways when i try run allways come the next proplem after i fix it. But it keeps going and going and going…. I freak OUT if some has a working system folder for DRAGON NETWORK c6 PLEASE POST IT!

  182. Punk says:

    No wonder drake “our gm” needed a couple of mounths 2 get interlude he had 2 fuck up all walker user 1st ^^ the nerd >.<

  183. Punk says:

    bla new proplem. if i try now use the l2.exe with walker ot without nothing happend the icon is appearing but the game dosent start. if i start the launcher it changes my host file and the most of the main files i changed back 2 normal again. and the l2.exe is working again once again if some1 has a clue 2 fix the proplem or allready has a working system folder post it plx!;D

  184. Levi says:

    http://l2darkside.com/ is the server that i try to instal walker.. tryed everything but nothing works.. interlude server… i read almoast all forums and tryed all stuff… so can some1 help me pls? cause its a chalenge for smart guys ๐Ÿ˜‰

  185. shalkedeagle says:

    hey im playin on tehgamers and it says that a hacking tool has been discoverd is there any way to bypass it or is there sum other bot aside from l2 walker dat mite work

    respond or email me


  186. dext says:

    is there a existing l2 walker no 4 kamael? ty

  187. will says:

    my l2 walker will not verify i have all the new stuff for walker so i think im running windows xp mcafee firewall can any one help.. i also think my host file is right to

  188. BlackWolf says:

    Hi i have som problems… so i Have som questions:
    1) Do this l2w work on interlude for shure?
    2) Do some one conect it to dragon-network serwer? Nightmare.
    3) Do that some one can e-maill me? hinata997@yahoo.pl

    Plis hellp. I need that walker because I play all alone… So I need suport bot.

    I play allone because my gameing style is slow… So no one go in party with me… ( ja ja.. I’m noob I know…)

  189. mikedavies says:

    i get error saying L2.exe File Size Error
    can someone please help

  190. bill123 says:

    yes i have do the set up but what i do know
    ?plzz help me bill4ever7@hotmail.com my msn

  191. mio says:

    Hmm i need to know away to make the OOG walker ( 10.9.0 ) for ct1. I don’t know how to get connected.

  192. pa40__ says:

    very thx man. I’ll forever your’s. I needed very this walker. i cant tell you how much I love you!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. kumo says:

    if anyone can bot here plz post something


  194. stevenB says:

    I’ve downloaded the emulator from this site and then the latest 1.99IG walker.

    I’ve followed the instructions to the T however when I start the game and go in to L2 and press Home nothing is happening, it’s asif the L2 walker has shut down =/

  195. ehrick says:

    is it working in lineage2 SEA??

  196. hehe says:

    nice bot !!! , i love it !!!!

  197. hung123 says:

    is this running with software Easycafe , i thinks itn’t

  198. b1llakos says:

    i cant find the (home)button plz help
    plzzzzz someone emergency!!

  199. iwanttocheatxd says:

    hi, i cant log in with my walker, help me plss!!
    i run the l2walker verifyserver emulator -> click on start -> open the l2walker -> set up the path -> click on run, the game starts, everything is fine untill now. Then i try to log in but nothing happens, what should i do? Get a newer version of l2 walker?? Fix some files? I ve tried to press home and i see a new window for a second but then it fades away. Im in windowed mode but i dont see the borders cause i have this patch that takes em away, may that be the problem??
    Is there anyone i can msn so i can get help??

  200. iwanttocheatxd says:

    ok now i can see the “home window” (party settings party buffs etc), but still cant log in u____u

  201. iwanttocheatxd says:

    ok now i can open the “home” window (party settings etc) but still cant log in

  202. iwanttocheatxd says:

    everything is fine till i try to log in, for some reason i cant do it. This is the server http://l2.comunidadzero.com/

    There is a lot of ppl on this server who are boting allday long, but i cant get information from them, they just wont answer.

    Anyone i can msn so i get some help here??

  203. troy says:

    2008.7.31 19:28:21
    OS : Windows Vista 6.0 (Build: 6000)
    CPU : AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 2210 MHz with 1022MB RAM
    Video : No Video

    General protection fault!

    History: UGameEngine::Tick <- InitEngine

    igot that error

  204. troy says:

    sorry kamikze …

    the file size error resolved..

    then that POP ups

  205. can i get a host says:

    could somene let me download their host file for l2walker?

  206. Arubeto says:

    Help, please..
    I’ve a problem when I clicking the “Other Ctrl” menu, the Lineage crashed(application error), and terminated the program..

    did anyone had this problem? is there any idea to solve this?
    I’m using vista-32

  207. jeffrey que says:

    i tried download evryting the walker then i got file size error then i download the l2.exe i place it to lineage system folder then win i run the walker nothing happend all i see is the cross icon bellow but nothing happend not lunching can someone help me pls i play http://www.l2-eternal.com

  208. fenrir says:

    is it work at L2 Indonesia Official?

  209. mitsaras7 says:

    I cant use L2asrv for vista plz help me i tried almost everuthing it doesnt read this file or it doesnt leave me to extract it plz help me
    !!!i have windows vista home premium and i need a walker for C6 private server and L2asrv doesnt open wtf./….

  210. stikos says:

    how can I solve the file size error? help plz ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. rex says:

    i am having a problem i get this wen i run the l2walker.exe this is it …..

    The instruction at “0xf333e6ab” referenced memory at “0xf331a108”. the memory could not be “read”.

    can anyone help me put fast …..plz

  212. aint noob says:

    @Pro Guest @ 9:28 am

    can you share your l2.exe. my l2.exe was patched.

  213. kamote says:

    i played on l2-eternal and i tried all the things u said but nothing happens.. same error and shits… pls help

  214. Sasuke says:

    I have file size error…plz tell me what i have to do… i have windows vista and i am playing a c6 server

  215. RoronoaZoro says:

    i open l2walker but when i try look for pathway for l2.exe no icon showed up!! help out i have open l2.exe file error

  216. russel says:

    wer can i find OG bot?? can i have a link?

  217. catalin says:

    hey i did the same thing as you said about ” l2.exe file size error”and it doesnt work…its the same problem HELP ME ( or maybe is becouse i play on hellbound? )

  218. Tedy says:

    Hi same problem as some of the guyz above ( File size error) trying using it on a custom server and i have The Kamael version if that changes anything

  219. Ren says:

    so how do you fix the l2.exe file size error?

  220. The Cursed says:

    Does this work for Interlude servers such as Osiris?

  221. Billakos says:

    Hi i have the same problem as all when i press run i get a message ‘l2.exe file size error!’ i’m playing l2 absolute is c6 final and i have windows xp help me plz..

  222. ewae says:

    i got the stubit error too “L2.exe File Size Error”


  223. kakaroto says:

    kaka kaka no sirve desde aki no sirve

  224. KP says:

    does L2walker work with windows vista 32bit ( and does it work on Private servers? and do i need North america version even though im from eu?

  225. dmx says:

    somebody have problem with walker Open file l2info.Dat fail. pls help me

  226. Murilo says:

    man i have one problem.My l2_wall dont verify, plz help me

  227. Bogdan says:

    I receider the bad file size, i replaced with your l2.exe, then i get a error when enters ing ame. Critical error.
    Someone help me with this hack on http://l2saint.com

  228. chor32 says:

    hi, i’m argentinianm and in this server they put some securyty pack, could’ you chek it and see if walker works, i cant make it work.- thanks

  229. Bodnar Silviu says:

    man i have a problem.
    when i press run on l2walker 1.47 he said:L2.exe file size error!
    wath should i do?
    tell me fast please!
    this is my yahoo id:silviu_bodnar2000

  230. Bodnar Silviu says:

    Almost i forgot i use lineage2 Interlude!

  231. dingle says:

    Does the item buff not work, I drink 1 gsap then when it runs out does not drink another. Thanks

  232. Help me with home key says:

    please help me, i run the l2walker verifyserver emulator -> click on start -> open the l2walker -> set up the path -> click on run, the game starts -> i login -> choose server -> chose player and start…..and then i should click the hom key….i dont no where is the home key….please help me, with the home key…coz i cant find it ๐Ÿ™

  233. faker says:

    l2-khadia.com lf walekr for this srv

  234. Can i USe l2 wallker Plizzzz Need to lvl

  235. i need lvl i can use Bot/l2wallker? Plizz

  236. Giwrgos says:

    Everything works well until i click run…
    then the l2 loading icon comes up and i get a critical error that says:

    2011.4.29 06:54:25
    OS : Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU : GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 2799 MHz with 502MB RAM
    Video : No Video

    General protection fault!

    History: UGameEngine::Tick <- InitEngine
    can someone help me??

    is it because im trying it on a interlude server?

  237. koreaman says:

    hi im trying to connect to a private server
    my problem is this
    when i click run i get an error message like this โ€l2.exe file size errorโ€ help me ioi

  238. Hema says:

    every time i run the program i get disconnect from the game
    it’s L2 Blackbird

  239. leandro says:

    Walker L2 IG

    Qualquer coisa entra em informaรงoes E-Mail: leno.l@hotmail.com

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