Uber Cheap Teleporting!!! (Lineage 2 skills)

Hi all,

So whats this about?
Well, lets’ say u are in Aden and u need to get to Giran. The cheapest way by Gatekeeper, if u dont want to walk(who want’s to?!?!!), u first port to Hunters Village, then Hardins Private Academy and then use a scroll of Escape to get to Giran. This way will cost u more than 15k.

So, what’s cheaper?
Well, u can teleport from any gatekeeper for free to the Monster Derby track….when u ask the race manager to leave the track u go back to the gatekeeper where u where at first.

The trick here is when u get at the track talk to the monter track gatekeeper, click port to the monster track, and when u get there u ask the race manager to leave the monster track. Then u are outside the track and from there u swim across the water near the windmill and after walking for 2 minutes(follow the road to Giran Harbor) u can use a Scroll of Escape and u are in Giran at the cost of only one Scroll !!!!!!!!!!

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