How To Get A Bow & Dagger – FREE Exploit! (Humans) (L2 Servers)

Hi, I am new to the forum and wanted to submit an exploit with the rest of u.

This is useful for Warrior/Knights (not rogues) class that wants a good Bow and Dagger without spending an adena.

When you reach level 19 and still deciding whether to become a Knight or Warrior, go to mainland – Gludin Village. Talk to Captain Bezique at the west exit of Gludin Village and get the quest to become a Rogue and he will give you Bezique’s Letter. Afterwards take the letter to Neti, who is in the [pet shop] southwest building of the north half of Gludin. She will give you a Neti’s Dagger and a Neti’s Bow.

Now go into your Quests list and simply cancel this quest; you should still have the Neti’s Bow and Dagger in your inventory. And thats it!

You can now [still] become a Warrior or a Knight.

When my friend did this the first time, it didn’t work! But second time round it did, so keep trying…

Neti’s Bow: P. Atk. 46 / M. Atk. 16 (eqv. to Bow of Forest P. 49 / M. 17)
Neti’s Dagger: P. Atk. 19 / M. Atk. 16 (eqv. to Dirk P. 15 / M. 12)
Approx. Cost: 252,000a.

*note: because these are quest items, it can’t be sold or traded; belongs to you and only U.

This topic may have been already been posted here before.

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