High Level Archer Adena Strategy (Lineage 2 powerleveling)

Most of you level 30+ L2 folks know that Cruma is routinely considered "off limits" for the soloing types. Well, ignore that……..it is pure adena heaven for a soloing archer. The strategy I’m about to detail can net you a few million adena every week if done religiously.

On the eastern section of Cruma Tower Level 2, there are two large rooms connected by a long bridge. In each of these rooms there are 2 mobs you can target which drop EXCELLENT high priced items at a very high rate (14%+). Death Knights and Dicors are your targets here, and can both be kited without issue with or without a speed buff. NOTE: these mobs are very strong, so a C grade bow or Str Long Bow are necessary, you WILL have downtime using this strategy so MP consumption isn’t as much of a concern.

Your goal here is to collect items to create Earrings of Binding.

Here’s the recipe for Earrings of Binding:

10 Earring of Binding Gemstones
1 Blacksmith’s Frame
20 Metallic Fibers
4 Varnishes of Purity
22 C Crystals
8 C Grade Gemstones

Death Knights drop Earring of Binding Gemstones at a 14% clip, I have over (90 of these gemstones in my inventory from a little over a week of playing), while Dicors drop Metallic Fibers at 13% rate. Camping this area of Cruma for a week or so will give you enough materials to create 6-8 earrings of binding. Have an artisan make you the Blacksmith’s frame and Varnishes of Purity, and collect the rest of the items yourself. Offer 60k per Blacksmith’s frame, and 8k per Varnish of Purity and you should have no issue finding a good artisan to make you these items.

I’ve sold 5 Earrings of binding over the past week with minimal playtime, at 550k each. A cool 2.75 million, and a TON of experience.

Now, a few tips on kiting these guys. Pull ONE mob at a time………and pull them onto the bridge. No mobs spawn on the bridge and it gives you PLENTY of space to kite and not be aggroed by other mobs. Also, when running back into the room watch out for the one Torfe that spawns near the door. These rooms are regularly camped so someone will come by to pull the Torfe away in just a few moments. If you are aggroed by the Torfe, keep MAXIMUM distance as they are quite fast.

Good luck……..this is a guaranteed way of making serious serious cash, while leveling at an extremely fast rate.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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