The Elven RangerScout 1-20 (Lineage 2 drops)

Level 1-3
Read the explanation! I tell this to all my friends and no of them listen. All asking stupid noobie questions. Also it points you in the right direction for a world map and you won’t get scammed by some player selling it to you for 1000a. Anyway, hunt all the diffrent types of kelters till about level 3. You can take Grey Wolfs but I have found they do too much damage to be worth hunting.

Level 4-6
Nerupa gives out a quest that has you run errands around town. To the Weapons shop then Mage Shop then the Bank. Kind of nice because it shows you around town. By now you can probably buy all the cheapest armor and possible a short bow. Levels 4-6 hunt grey wolf out the SW exit of town. Talk to the fairy that is at the exit. Gives you a quest for getting 100wolf fangs. Its a lot of fangs but you will definetly gain that many fangs by the time your 6.

Level 7
Do what is required to get to 8 heh, By now you can take Green Dryads and some of the Orcs out there. Stay away from Orc Fighters though. They are aggresive.

Level 8-12
In the Mage shop, Herbaliton (not sure on spelling) gives out a quest were you go kill fungus for spores. every ten of them you run back to town and he gives you 2000a. NIce payment. Hunt the other mobs in the area. You should be able to take Orc Fighters 1 on 1. By 12 you can take the Sub-Leaders and Leaders as well. By 12 you should have a nice chunk of change as well.

Level 12-15
Spiders! If you run straight West of the SW exit to town you will come to some ruins with a ton of spiders around them. Kind of nice if you get a second person to hunt with you here. But you should be able to solo it. WIth the money you got from the Spore quests you should have enough to buy a bow and some decent armor. I say wood armor. 14-15 you can start doing Lirans.

Levels 15-20
Take a nice trip down to Gluido and check out the Ruins of Despair. All the Imps and bats down here are way too slow to catch up to you so they are easy to kite. First time i did this i had a partner but this is doable solo. Stay away from zombies. They hurt if they get a spell off. Stay around this area you should get level 20 pretty quickly.

Ranger/Scout quest

I think in game the quest is called Elven Ranger, but the title u get is scout. I like Ranger better so that is what ill call it. This quest is really simple if you have someone to heal you. Unfortunly not all of us have the luxury. This quest you can start at level 19. North part of Gludio in the elven trainer building. Get the quest from Master Reoria. Then go to the east exit and talk to Guard Moretti he will tell you to go to the abandon camp and hunt Ol Mahum Patrols. These guys drop Prigun’s Tear Letters on a 1:1 ratio, ASSUMING you are the only one who touched the patrol. if anyone else touches it you dont get the item. If you dont have a healer just keep running out of range of the mob and heal up the power shot it then soul shot it a couple times. This is the only hard part. Then run back to the east exit guard and give him the letters. Talk to Prigun, he is just north of where the road to the Elf lands, Dark Elf lands, and Gludio meet, in the ruins (/loc -9k, 73k). Kill the Ol Mahum Sentries holding him to get a key. Then talk to prigun. He’ll give you a letter. Now back to Gludio. Talk to the east exit guard and he gives you an honorary letter. Give this to Master Reoria who will give you a recomondation. Once you hit 20 give the recomondation to Grandmaster Rains and poof you are a level 20 Elven Ranger/Scout.

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