Powerleveling Lineage Style! (Lineage 2 walker)

Mages and Shamans can powerlevel anyone!
So you want to powerlevel, want to be powerleveled Im about to tell you how it can be done.

Both mages and shamans get AE poison, which is the key to powerleveling. Your high level mage runs around gathering up lots of tuff monsters while the powerlevelee sits around fidgeting (you can help pull but it just seems to make things harder). Time to lay on the heat, blast the group with your AE poison and watch the life drain outta them. This is the ONLY spell the powerleveler should be using. Heres why, poison takes no xp from the mob. hence the powerlevelee blasts away at the monsters who now have 1 hp and gets the full xp for the kill.

there are unlimited possibilities as to where you can go to powerlevel, but i suggest your powerleveler sticks with mobs that a) aggro and b) are slow

why aggro? Aggro is key in powerleveling, if the powerleveler does any damage other than poison to the mob you void out all the xp the other guy gets. So take liriens for example, round em up, blast them with ae poison, and let your little newbi plink away for free xp WAY out of his level range.

Hope this helps, give it a nice /bump if you would like to see this guide stay around.

-Evlin (Elvan Wizard, Devianne)
-Cecil (DE Assassin, Devianne)

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