Guide To Becoming An Elven Scout (Lineage 2 unlimited)

First thing is first, when you create your new elven character, you’ll want to talk with one of the Mothr Temps to get the first quest for a map. This quest is simple, and involves killing 4 keltirs. These are generally found right outside of where you start and should be fairly simple. Keep killing these until you hit level 4, and then Give the 4 fangs to one of the Mother Temps. They will give you a Leaf Of The Mothertree. Give this leaf to Nerupa, she is right there as well. After this you have a couple of choices.

First choice would be to talk to the grandmaster (Looks like she has a big butterfly or something coming out of her back), and she will have a few smaller quests for you which will net you some quick XP, and Adena, and involves running things from one NPC to another. This can be boring, but it helps with the Adena, and XP.
Quest 1:
Quest 2:
Quest 3:
This will net you 2000xp, and almost 1000 Adena.

Second Choice would be to immediately go back out and start killing everything you can see within close proximity of the village. This would include Keltirs, Red Keltirs, Goblin Raiders and such. I would cross any bridges or wonder to far till your about level 7.

Once you hit 7-8, you should have enough money saved up for at least a short bow, if not something slightly better. You should also have enough adena for basic armor as this will be needed.

Go to the south east exit of village, and you will cross a bridge. Over this bridge will be more goblin raiders, Kaboo Orcs, and Dryads. Stay away from the dryads till you feel comfortable killing the kaboo orcs as they are a little more powerfull. Continue to fight Kaboo Orcs, until your level 8-9.

Once you hit 8 (easier when 9), you can visit the magic shop in the elven village. Once there talk to Trader Herbiel. Once you take this quest, you will want to run to either the south east exit (cross the two bridges), or the south west exit, and follow the road till it forks. At the fork, go left. Keep going straight and when you cross the bridge, go SE (or left) into the fields to kill Spore Fungus. When you get a spore, it should make a ding sound. Once you have 10 sacs, return to the trade for 2k adena. I Would strongly suggest doing this a lot to save up for better bow, and armor. Its not uncommon for people to do this quest for hours on end for days at a time.

The next quest you will want to do when you hit level 10, is Skirmish with the Orcs, This one is pretty simple, since you technically only have to kill 2 orcs, and finding them can be difficult. For this I provide you this link which should cover it.
Skirmish with the Orcs Quest:

Once you hit level 12, Try to get the hunting bow as this will make your life ohh so much easier. This bow costs about 65k in shop, or around 40-50k from a player selling item. There are now a bunch of quests ready to be taken. A lot of weapons that you wont be using, but they sell for 15k, so its defiantly worth your time.
Quest 1:
Quest 2:
Quest 3:
Quest 4:

After you have saved up, I would personally suggest farming the spore quest for a while till you can get enough for a composition bow. I know this is really repetitive, but trust me, in the long run its so worth it. Plus this will help you level from 16-20 in a few hours.

I would strongly suggest staying in this area around the elven fortress (where you have been hunting spores) till your at least 15-16, the fortress is also a great spot for XP if you can get into a good group, but at the same time it can be a death trap.

Ok, so now you have Composition Bow, and your level 16. Lets stock up on supplies. Go back to elven village, and get about 1200 arrows, and buy about 500-1000 soul shots from the Magic Shop.

Ok, good. Lets head out and level! Take the south west exit, and follow the road way out. Keep going straight at the fork. This road is pretty long, and at this point will be your furthest travel spot. Keep going, and you will start to see spiders (Hook Spiders, Pincer Spiders, Ect..). You will also come to a bridge, but don’t cross it. We want to go to our right and start hunting lireins. These are blue slow moving mobs with about 500 hp. I always start of with a soulshot (Open inventory, and drag the icon for soulshot to your quickbar, and then just click it once to load one into the bow. Soulshots do double damage. You can use more, but it will cost you more in the long run.) and then kite like crazy. When I say kite, this simply means shoot, run, shoot run. Because these move so slow, they have no chance of catching you as long as you shoot and then run. Be warned that these are agro, so you need to watch where you’re going. Regular Lireins will give about 588 xp, while elders should give closer to 650. I would stay here to not only get a lot of loot/adena, but to level to 20. I was here for 2 days (about 4 hours each day) to make it to 20.

Once you hit level 20 (you can start at 19, but id wait for 20), you can start your quest for scout. Follow this guide => to become a scout.

I hope this guide has been usefull to you.

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