Human Mage Made Easy (Eternal sin Lineage ii)

After doing this 3-4 times it seems to be the fastest way to get to lvl 15.

Start your mage. head into and thru town..dont bother stopping.

head for Keltirs. not young not elder jsut plain keltirs and start killing. Once you hit lvl 3 goto the lighthouse and take his quest.
Kill more keltirs till you get the 10 pelts. Go back and collect his reward. goto the south gate and talk to the guard on the right and take his deliver quest. do it and take the reward cash and go buy a staff/book.

Head to the oblisk and a little ways north of it are rock golems. These will be your fodder for the next few levals.

The best way to kill them is fire and back away. they will normally only fire ONE spell at you and if you have someone tanking they can dirupt the golems cast and your safe. These guys move SLOW so just kite them and kill.

MAKE SURE you watch where you are going. you will get more then one if they are near and the werewolf hunters and orc fighters ARE aggro.

Farm golems till lvl 7. go buy icebolt and heal and then go back to the farming . Farm till you have the SP saved to get curse:poison then go back and keep farming. A little to the north are other golems named crashers. They are worth more sp/xp/adena and a little harder to kill but kiting works the same way. avoid the werewolves and orcs in the area since they ARE agro and kill untill you hit lvl 10.

Once you get to lvl 10 head over and do the appretice Wand quest.
The 3 spirit of mirror mobs are as follows. The toad is just behind the mage start point. The ORC spirit is just on the NE hill by the oblisk. the were wolf spirit is on the West side of the island. Look on your map and locate the elven ruins to the left of it is a round shape on the map the werewolf spirit spawns next to the ocean down a little ramp directly to the WEST of that round shape.
This area is heavy in aggro mobs so run carefully. REMEMBER: you MUST finish them with the wooden sticks you are given when you get the quest (which btw are 10/10 and better then anything you prolly have ATM) Once you get your appretice wand head BACK to the golems and keep killing.

Once you have Heal(other)Wind cranked up to its max and poison and icebolt you can start taking on the orc fighters and werewolves in that area. Poison/ice/Wind/wind/smack should kill most the mobs.

Stick it out till about lvl 15 then head to the ruins for some serious fun 🙂
OH yes.. i can target yourself and use the HEAL spell. it heals for much more and then you can stack heals.

Will cover the ruins later 🙂

Hope this helps and if i am mistaken feel free to let me know 🙂

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