Dark Elven Mage Guide To Leveling 1-20 (Lineage 2 unlimited)

Welcome to the world of Aden. I will be your guide through your travel from level one to twenty. I will help you to become the most ruthless and evil mage in Aden by helping you find key quests, shops, and leveling spots. First you should go through the short but very important guide at the beginning of your adventurer. Now go, be guided, quickly dark one.

Back? Great, let’s get you started on the road to twenty. First off equip your rod and armor by hitting tab and right clicking on the armor and rod in there. Next go to the bottom right hand of your screen and click on the first button to the left. Go to the actions button under there and put Wind strike, attack, sit and pick up items and heal in your hot bar too the right of your screen. Place them in the following order:

• 1. Wind strike
• 2. Attack
• 3. Sit
• 4. Pick up items
• 5. Heal

To use those just hit the corresponding F key, for Wind strike F1, attack F2 and so on as you get more spells and what not.

Next talk to one of the Abyssals and get the quest from them to collect fangs. Now leave the building and head out to kills some Keltirs. Here is where you have to make a choice, how long to kill the little furry beasts. I recommend killing only Keltirs until level seven, though that may seem like a long grind and very repetitive, it’s worth it.

Killing only Keltirs, not young Keltirs or anything else, just the ones named Keltirs insures that you can keep on a steady path to seven without having to sit and heal. Also, by sticking to only Keltirs you get one SP per kill which is the case for anything around there after you hit level two. Since they are such low level it will take more and more kills to level but you will always get one SP so you build up a large SP pool by the time you hit seven. This will allow you to get some nice skills right away once you make it to town.

Seven already? You surprise me dark one, it is obvious the dark force flows strong in you. Return to the temple and talk to the Abyssal you received your quest from. Next talk to Mitrell to receive a map and fifty SP. Leave the temple and follow the road until it come to a Y, go left. This will take you into the underground city of the Dark Elves. In the center of town is a nice piece of artwork, a giant hand, which seems to have lightning or something similar, shooting out of it. If you are facing west and the hand is in front of you then the magic shop is to your right, the warehouse to your left, weapon shop on the other side of the hand to the left and the training room up the stair to the north.

Let’s start with your skill first oh great wearer of leather. Go to the north and up the stairs into the small room at the top. Talk to one of the trainers. Learn wind strike and ice bolt, which you will need to buy a book for from the magic shop. You will want to max both these skills out first, since the self heal you have will heal you well for a while.

As you level come back and get heal, cure poison 1, you will need that later, and the defensive skills. Next buy some armor from the armor shop and just save you money for now after that, watch for deals on armor from players by checking the shops and comparing their prices. Buy the basic armor and while in the weapon shop talk to Trader Paint and accept the quest he has to offer.

Your next step down the dark path is to head out the West side of town. Yes, yes, I know the light burns slightly and your eyes hurt, but you must get used to the light in order to conquer it. Go to your left and follow along the wall through a small passage to a large field full of slimy goblins, stinky imps and dirty ashen wolfs. These will be your victims for the next four levels so learn their movements well.

The green things that look like Joe Peshee are goblins and the things that look like your little brother with wings are imps and they will help their fellow kind should they be close when a battle begins; the ashen wolfs on the other hand only care for themselves.

Slay all the creatures you can and when you have fifty wolf claws head back into town to Trader Paint, on the right side as you enter town, in the weapon shop to collect your reward. You should receive some armor or Adena but in either case get the quest again and head back to the field to kill some more. Repeat this process until level ten and be proud of the stash of cash you should have.

All right, it’s now time for our first weapon quest. Return to town and go to the training room where you need to talk to Tetrarch Thifiell to receive the quest. Next go to the temple where you started at, it lies to the east of the village and talk to Abyssal Celebrant Kartia. Leave the temple and run through the Dark elf village stopping just outside the west gate.

Open your map and look for the Dark Elven Initiation Temple. That is where you need to go to find your targets. Your targets are Tumran Orc Brigands, you’ll know them when you see them, they look like football players, big, mean, greasy ugly things they are. They lay to the west of the Initiation Temple in a field but beware of the Stoppers in the area, they will attack you and eat your crispy looking butt. After you have the two parts you need head back to Abyssal Celebrant Kartia then run back to Tetrarch Thifiell in the magic shop for you reward of a eldritch dagger which you can sell for some nice cash.

Now to move onto another quest which will bring you even more power and money! Go to the magic shop on the Northeast side of town and speak with Trader Vollodos. He will ask you to collect fungus sacks, which will be no problem for you.

Back outside? Great…well not so great since it stings a little but you must endure. Follow the road until you see a single tower on the right from here go Northwest. Kill the Walking Fungus’s in the area and once you have collected ten sacks head back to get a reward of two thousand Adena. Repeat this until level eleven and if you get enough cash buy some new armor off other players or out of the shop, compare shop prices to player prices.

So dark one, you have reached eleven and are ready for your next weapon quest? Good, you are learning quickly. Return to town and talk to Blacksmith Karoyd in the weapon shop to receive the quest. Go back to the temple where you started and talk to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon and then return to the training room in the dark elf village where you will talk to Magister Harne. Now go to the School of Dark Arts and collect the ten bone fragments needed from Skeleton Hunters but beware they will attack you.

Now go back to Magister Harne in the training room and then head to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon in the temple where you started. After having talked to those two go to the swamp area Southwest of the village, or the dark splotch on your map. Kill zombies until you get a head but watch out for thinks around there that will attack you like the horrors. Finally return to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon and talk to him then back to Blacksmith Karoyd in the weapon shop to receive your reward of a bloodsaber.

So you have more cash? Super, lets hope you have new armor by now and maybe a staff or wand in any case lets return to killing, the path may seem short but it is still very long and dark. Head back to the swamp and kill Bailor Orcs, Blood Fungus, and Zombies until level fourteen. Once you hit level fourteen return to town for new skills then head back out until level fifteen.

First talk to Magister Vlasty in the training room. Then return to the swamp and kill Lesser Dark Horrors and Dark Horrors until you get a perfect skull. Then return to Magister Vlasty for your reward of bone gaiters, nice pair of pants, but beware, equipping them will cause you to lose your life bonus from your wooden armor.

Finally we can get into some constant slaughter. Return to the swamp and continue to kill until orcs and funguses and just keep moving farther away from the Dark elf village for better XP. If you want you can grab a team and head into the School of Dark Arts also known as Soda. There are other options as well if you don’t wish to hang out in dark elf area. Open your map and follow it past the swamp and to the Elven village, this is a leveling hot spot with players, a very active dungeon and some abundant out door mobs.

Once you have formed a team at the crossroads below the elven village head west to the spider fields. Now, the first thing you need to know is that Hook spiders will not attack you, Crimson and Pincer Spiders will, as well the random Liriens but all are social so be careful how you pull. It’s best if you use your bow to pull Liriens out of groups of spiders and vice versa. Now kill like mad until you reach fifteen and make sure to watch for a Bow of Forest off of the Hook spiders, it’s a 150k Adena weapon and very useful for you.

Once you reach fourteen go back to you dark elf town and train new skills. Then return to the crossroads, make a new team and go to the west over the bridge to what is called the Neutral Area, the area between the Dark Elves and the Elf’s. Here you will find Scavenger Wererats and Arachevils and Lyconthropes. The Wererats won’t attack you but Arachevil and Lycanthropes on the other hand will and the Arachevil has poison, which can be a real pain, make sure you have cure poison 1. Watch out for the Lycanthropes, best just to stay away from them as they hit pretty hard.

All targets are social and after killing so many wererats you may get a wererat chief to spawn with a couple of buddies. I didn’t have enough guts to go see if they attack but lets treat them as if the do. If this place gets too boring for you, you can always head back to the elf fortress for levels or Soda, though as one Elf I know said, that place is the spawn of all evil.

Well, here we are, level twenty. Congratulations and don’t forget to head back to town to do your profession change now that you are twenty. It has been a great time, I hope to see you again in the future, good luck and safe travels.


So you have chosen the road of a kiter, cool. Now make sure you have learned how to use the camera effectively, such as facing yourself when you start a attack then clicking behind you to start running then hitting the wheel on your mouse to flip around to see what is chasing you. There really isn’t much to kiting, just that you make sure that you only kite creatures that are slower then you. It will take you time to kill all these creatures with kiting, but the SP and XP turn out is great.

Anyway, here is what you can kite to twenty easy.

• Any kind of Bat, very slow and found around dark elf territory and later for higher ones at the ruins below Gludio.
• Slugs as I call them, or Mist Leeches as the game names them, can be found in the misty swamp of Cruma Tower. Watch out though, there are mist horror’s in there that will eat you quick.
• Golems, they can be found around the dark elf territory with the bats.
• Liriens are excellent prey, very slow moving.
• In general, anything that is slow moving can be kited with efficiency

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