Great Money For Scavs, Charcoal+coal! (Lineage 2 top 200 Servers)

Ok I don’t know if someone has already put this strategy out yet, but I’ll post it anyway. In the Lionna server charcoal and coal are in demand.
In order to do this, you’ll have to be about lvl 25. North of the town Dion there are the tumran bugbears, monster eye gazers, and the dire wolves. Your main target is the dire wolves. Not only do they drop a decent amount of adena but they spoil.. charcoal! In a night of actual play I was able to farm about 80 charcoals in about 3 hours. I macrod for a night and got about 200 charcoal. Now in the town of giran charcoal can be sold at buy shops for about 500-700 adena each. If you are like me an too lazy to farm but like to macro , then you should be able to easily get around 200 charcoal a night, sell that for an average of 600 each in giran, thats a good 120,000. Now if you set up your own private store to sell them, i’ve seen prices as high as 1000 per charcoal, but usually it sells for around 900, giving you a good 180,000 per 200 you sell. So you can make 120k-180k in a night, + the drops and loot you’ll get, you can roughly make around 250-300k a night doing this.
Now from the south and east of Dion there are hobgoblins that spoil coal at a high rate. I can get about 200 per night from them and sells for 600 at giran easily. That is a great 120,000 adena there also!
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Lineage 2 Adena.

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