Pathing Exploits (Lineage 2 game card)


On the 3rd floor of the coal mines, near the bat bridge, their is a room
with some reavers, blade bats, and wolf creatures. There is a reaver in the
middle of two boards laying on the floor near the far wall from where you
‘just’ first enter the room. Stand, look at the side of the reaver from the
middle of the room, 20 or so feet away, then start shooting it. It’ll do a
small manatap spell, then stand there for the rest of the fight not reacting
at all.


Near the Dark elfs and the elfs general area, by the initiate spot, theres a
waterfal on the map between the DE and E’s spots. Its a mountain looking
to the swamp area on the map. If you go past the waterfall a bit
geared towards the left hand side, theres a pond of water, and a field of spiders
that spawn there. You can get the spiders to chase you, and also cave
basilisks that spawn there, run along the edge of the pond and they’ll
glitch and fall in. It’ll act as a wall, and you can sit there and
snipe them from afar.


Enter EF and travel thru the first room, then at the next room go left at the
second hallway (there is 2 on the left and 2 on the right) all rooms are full
of orc fighters and leaders, in the center of the room of a panel on the floor
with a crack in it, stand in the exact center of that crack and none of the
orcs that spawn in that room will attack you. The is a geat room for AFK
macroing because of how close the enemies spawn.

The /loc is:
X: 25312.2
Y: 78177.9
Z: -4096.2


At the execution grounds, granite golems are a fairly good target to pull
and try to run behind a fence or something. This is especially good for
casters, not really recommended for melee fighters since it bugs sometimes
and the golems somehow go through the fence, but superb for casters
and archers.


There is a Lirien trapping exploit, i havent been able to test it yet unfortunatly.
I know people have been banned for trapping liriens but this is a different
spot and as far as im aware is not moniterd by GM’s.
This is the Loc for the place where you trap them:

X: 2878.0
Y: 55515.9
Z: -3264.9

(This works best if you have an AoE spell)


My favourite exploit for trapping enemies, this is so simple though i expect
it will be fixed soon.

Go to the sea of spores. If you are an archer or mage you can just attack the
creatures through the myst wall, and they cannot attack you. You can kill the
wyrms, giant funguses, etc… Great xp. Sea of spores is just north of the mother
tree. There is a spot just north of the mother tree where you can run over
the mountain and practically land right at the spot at the sea of spores.
And yes, any ranged attack will work. But be warned these creatures are
very high leveled, Wyrm is lv35 and the Funges’ and Eyes are Lv40.

Remember that as of the current date these places are not known to be monitered
by GM’s, but its always best to check around and keep an eye open for anyone.
Using these areas MAY get your account banned.

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