Shillien Knight How To Guide (Lineage 2 walker)

To start out this is my first tutorial that I post here. I just recently got back from Iraq and can now finally get back into gamming. Well anyway I got this off a korean site that took me a while to translate If something are a little off please tell me as some thing can get lost in my translation of the language.

This is a Guide for the second job change that takes place in Lineage 2. The first mission you must be level 35 to start it. The second you must be level 37 and the last you must be at leasat level 39.


You begin in Giran Castle Town with Grandmaster Hannavalt located in the Fighter’s Guild. He then sends you to the southern area of Wasteland to meet Sir Aaron Tanford. Go to the southern area of Wasteland, where there is a small hut. In this place you can meet Sir Aaron Tanford. He gives you a quest sword and sends you to kill wasteland hill’s skeletons and return with the item Knight’s Tears. Now equip the sword he gave you and go to kill the skeleton. Once you kill it, Sir Harod’s Dead Spirit comes out, kill it too. Once it is dead you get the quest item "Knight’s Tears". Now take this back to Sir Aaron Tanford. When you return to Aaron with the Knight’s Tears, he sends you to Dion Castle Town to meet Sir Kiel Nighthawk. Once you get to Dion Town, go to the Dark Elf Guild where you can find him. Sir Kiel Nighthawk sends you to Execution Ground to kill Strains and Ghouls and return with a Report. Like usual you will have to collect a quest item (Torn Report Piece). When you collect ten of them they will combine into one complete report. Once you give Kiel Nighthawk the Report, he gives you a different quest item Orphic Mirror and tells you to go kill the monster Hanged Man Ripper( looks like a giant tree) and return with the Tears of Repentance. Once you kill enough Hanged Man Rippers, Telianus’s Dead Spirit will appear, slay it as well. You will then earn the Tears of Repentance. To finish the second part of the mission take the Tears of Repentance to Kiel Nighthawk. After you return to Sir Kiel Nighthawk, he will send you off to Hunter’s Town to meet Isabel Silver Shadow. Once you get there she is located outside on the left half of the city. You must be at a minimum level 36 or she will ignore you. She will give you another quest to go kill Leto Lizardman which will give you a quest item Relic (need 20 before returning to her). You can find these Leto Lizardman if you follow the road to the right of Isabel and pass the cave area where the three roads meet, there should be mobs of Lizardmen there. Return to Isabel when you have 20 relics and part 3 of your journey will be complete. Once you return the 20 relics to Isabel, she will send you to Giran Town to find Testin the priest. He is located at the temple to the right of the gatekeeper. Once you reach him, he will send you back to the starting point of Giran to meet Grandmaster Hannavalt where he will give you the quest item Duty’s Voucher.


At Giran Castle Town go to the DE Guild building and talk to Magister Kaira. She will tell you to go talk to Monk Metheus who is in the same city by the east exit. He tells you to go to Execution Ground and find his little sister’s remains. To do this you have to hunt the monster Hanged Man Ripper again, you usually only have to kill one this time to get her remains. Return the remains to Metheus and he will tell you to go to Master Ixia in Dion Castle Town. Ixia will be in Dion’s Dark Elf guild building. Ixia will tell you to collect 5 ingredients: Medusa’s Blood, Swamp Spider’s [bodily] fluid, Corpse Pursuer Bat’s secretion, Tilunt/Tyrant’s [bodily] fluid, and Nightshade’s root and you must collect 10 of each ingredient. You can find the Corpse Pursuer is at Execution Ground, Tyrant/Tilunt is in the Wasteland region, Nightshade root can be collected from the Staccatos at Cruma Swamp. First go to Wasteland and hunt the Head Tyrant and Tyrant to collect Tilunt/Tyrant’s Sap. There are many mobs where the first part of the name is on the map is there are many aggressive monsters, so be careful. Go towards Cruma swamp and around the Tower itself, you should see the Marsh Stakato, Marsh Stakato Drone, Marsh Stakato Worker, and Marsh Stakato Fighter you can collect 10 of the Nightshade’s Root from those mobs. In the same area as the Marsh Stakato’s, you will see the Swamp Spider kill them to get 10 of the Swamp Spider’s fluid. Go to the execution ground and kill the Dead Seeker from which you get Corpse Pursuer Bat’s Secretion. Go to Giran next and exit thru the east entrance follow the road, until you can see Medusa, kill her to collect 10 of the quest item Medusa’s Blood. Once you return to Ixia, she will make the quest item Belladonna. Which you must take it back to Monk Metheus in Giran. Metheus will give you the quest item Elder’s Skull which you need to take back to Magister Kaira in the Dark Elf guild. Kaira will tell you to go find the elder’s descendant Magister Roa at the Human Wizard guild in Giran. After talking to her go to Gludin Town and talk to the Warehouse Keeper Norman. He will give you a book as a quest item. Now you have to return to Kaira. Who will tell you to go to the Dark Elven Village and find High Tetrarch Thifiell. He will send you to go to Sorceress Akenia at the Dark Elf Initiation Altar. She will tell you collect the quest item Red Fairy Dust and Ti Mi Riran’s Sap. To get those items you must talk to a bloody pixie and Ti Mi Riran. There should be some in the area surrounding the altar. Ti Mi Riran will ask you to kill Black Willow Lurker and the bloody pixie tells you it will give you the red fairy dust only if you kill the following: Grandis, Karul Bugbear, Breka Orc Warlord, Leto Lizardman. You can find the black willow lurker by the Swamps close to the DE village. The Breka Orc Warlord can be found in the Giran town area on the right side on the road to Dragon Valley. Once you collect the items from the pixie and Ti mi ran talk to the Akenia then go to the High Tetrarch Thifiell to get the final quest item, Fate’s Voucher.


The quest begins at Dragon Valley with Orim. Orim will ask you to go collect 6 jewels and come back. First, go to Giran Castle Town and speak with the boutique store keeper Alexandria. Next, you have to go to the Mage’s Guild and find Magister Iker.
Iker will want you to go collect the following: 20 Dire Wyrm’s teeth, 20 Leto Lizardman’s amulets, 20 Strengthened Iron Golem’s stone heart. You can find the Iron Golems by the Ivory Tower, the Dire Wyrm by the Sea of Spores and the Leto Lizarman below Oren. Once you have collected these items she will give you the first jewel. Go to Gludin Village and talk to Trader Nestle. She will tell you to talk to Leopold in Gludin too. He will tell you to go to Wasteland and kill Skeleton Mercernary. Kill them so that you can get the last 3 jewels. Go find Orim again, he will tell you to go and get Crystal of Restraint and a Sealed Sword. If you go find Magister Iker again, you will give you the crystal. Now go to Gludin Village and talk to Sir Karrel Vasper, he will tell you to go to Oren Castle Town and find Badin at the Temple. Badin will then tell you to go collect 20 Tamrin Orc amulets. You can find them south of the road on the way to Hunter’s Village, past the cave. Once you give Badin the amulets, you have to return to Vasper in Gludin. After talking to him you will return back to Orim in Dragon Valley to go kill Jejuel who is hidden in Fisherman Evert. He is at Floran Village. You have to seal Jejuel using the sealed sword. When you seal him , return to Orim to get the final voucher for the quest and complete it. You have just completed the last part to becoming a Shilen knight.

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