Level 25-35 in 2 days (Lineage 2 characters)

My source for this strategy used a level 25 orc raider, and soloed him to 35 in about 2 and half days. He used a Tarbar/Brig armor and continuous D-SS. This is confirmed and works if you are willing to do it. Obviously, doing this nonstop can cause some burn out but it does level you really fast.Here’s how it’s done:

1) Head to Dion, stock up on D-SS and buy a good bow/arrows.

2) Now, head to the hideaway and towards where Lord Nuraka spawns. In that immediate area is an NPC named ‘The Herald’, immediately S/S-E of him, there are 2 huts in a half fenced in area. This area spawns 3 Ol’Mahums, they are a quick 30 second spawn and extremely easy to kill. 3) Kill them all quickly and rest. At level 25, you should be resting during their respawn. Otherwise, it’s non-stop exp. They also drop around 350 adena per kill. Not bad for almost risk free farming.

3) When they are low they do run away, so yank out that bow and drop them. This is the best spot in the game.

The reason they have so much exp/sp is that they are double HP of a same lvl mob… so even if they are GREEN and MISS you more often you get more EXP/SP than a yellow or red. If anyone else, can find spots with monsters with huge hps for their level please post your comments in the ‘discuss’ link below so that we’ll know where they are at.

At level 25: I was getting 1800xp/80sp when a lvl 36 elf archer was getting 1700/70ISH on Wyrms.

At level 30: I was getting 1700xp/70sp x 3 every 30 seconds – NON STOP This adds up to a level about every 5 hours.

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