Rollback Exploit (Lineage 2 prophet)

Rollback Exploit

To do it head to Elmore. Run all the way to the south east, taking the road if you want… eventually you will disapear from the map. Keep going until you reach a spot where you continuously slip off a slope and get teleported back up, only to slip again.

Once you’re slipping/teleporting (or ‘skiing’, a term a friend uses), you want to get stuck so that you end up at the bottom of the slope, but don’t get teleported back up and are unable to move. You’ll know you’ve done this right if you hit ‘restart’ and nothing happens. The only things you can do in this state is talk, unequip items, and confirm trades. You’ll also disapear from anyone’s view, and them from your view. Sometimes you’ll end up at the bottom of the slope but won’t be teleported back up until you move… this is not what you want.

To get stuck properly just keep skiing and clicking around. Sometimes it takes a while, but it never took more then a minute for me. You can confirm a rollback by logging in with a weapon, unequiping it, then exiting the game after you get stuck. When you return, you’ll have your weapon equiped.

To get out of ‘skiing’, you can either click the ledge over and over in hopes you’ll run back onto a walkable part, or just use an escape scroll.

One ledge this is confirmed to work at is x: 196535.0 y: -200443.0

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