Fighter Guide Tips (Lineage warcry)

Writing this guide while waiting for the OB =)

Do the first quest immediatly and start leveling right outside your city walls, venture further away from the city (the opposite direction of your starting temple).

Fight things that you kill easily and have little to no down time. Get quests to kill certain mobs and stick with them. No need to kill anything else since you won’t get a reward for that.

Get a bow, pull and fire 2-3 arrows, then pull out your melee gear and start swinging. When the creature is low on hp hit it with a special attack (have to be lvl 5) You will Over-Hit and get more xp than normal.

When your lvl 5 talk to the trainer and leave the training window open (thanks to DragonX7 for this tip) It will save you time instead of running back and forth.

Buy weapon upgrades as soon as they are avaliable. But save for big armor upgrades, cause buying every set avaliable will drain your pocket quicker than the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

go to and look at the quest list there to get the quest that will get you the most adena / cool items for your time.

After lvl 7-8 you will have to venture pretty far from town, dont be afraid to explore, because theres almost always mobs, and they don’t aggro.

Find out what weopon you like and stick with it, don’t waste skill points on other strikes/specials.

The relax skill is somewhat useful but dont over use it cause it seriously hampers your MP, try to keep your mp at the same level as your hp, and use normal sitting. If you fight easy mobs your mp will drop too quickly. If you fight hard mobs your HP will be alot lower than your MP.

Anyway good luck in the open beta and lets get atleast some prizes here =)

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