Fishing Guide (Lineage 2 tattoo)

First off, to start fishing you need to locate the Fishermen’s Guild members, so far I’ve noticed that they are all located in harbors and magic shops in towns.

[Fishing Rod]
First off you need a fishing rod, They vary in grade and price ^^ also they need different
level of fishing shots. The difference between them is apparently that the amount of damage
you deal to the fish.

Baby Duck Rod (NG): 36k
Albatross Rod (D): 120k
Pelican Rod (C): 480k
Kingfisher Rod (B): 1.44m
Cygnus Pole (A): 4.8m
Triton Pole (S): 12m

[The Lures]
Now about the lures, there are three different colors, Yellow, Green, Purple. All three
of them have three different grades, Low, Medium, High. The difference between grades is that the
higher grade has a slightly higher chance to pull up better fish, also the fish bite much
There are also three beginner lures. But they are a bit special — they will show you which skill
to use (see [How to fish]) when you fish with them. The downside is that they seem to only pull up a
low type of fish. However, they are awesome to use if you’re fishing for the first type; buy 20 or so
of ’em and try it. All fishing rods use the same lures, so at higher levels it will be cheaper
in the end to fish.

Green Colored Lure – For Beginners: 60a
Purple Colored Lure – For Beginners: 84a
Yellow Colored Lure – For Beginners: 72a
Green Colored Lure – Low Grade: 120a
Green Colored Lure – Medium Grade: 144a
Green Colored Lure – High Grade: 180a
Purple Colored Lure – Low Grade: 180a
Purple Colored Lure – Medium Grade: 216a
Purple Colored Lure – High Grade: 240a
Yellow Colored Lure – Low Grade: 144a
Yellow Colored Lure – Medium Grade: 180a
Yellow Colored Lure – High Grade: 216a

Lure Effects:

The lures are supposed to help you catch a particular type (ugly, nimble, or fat) of fish.
According to their descriptions, green is supposed to catch more nimble, yellow more ugly, and
purple more fat. However, my own tests do not show this.

After trying 30 of each type of lure, I had the following successful fish catches:

Green: 54% Ugly, 31% Nimble, 15% Fat
Yellow: 41% Ugly, 9% Nimble, 50% Fat
Purple: 28% Ugly, 32% Nimble, 40% Fat

[Fishing Shots]
This is basically the same as soulshot, it doubles the damage given to the fish.
Be warned, if you do the wrong move to catch the fish (see [How to fish]), the fishing shot
doubles the healing given to the fish. I dont recommend spamming these as they should just
be used for hard-to-catch fish. You can’t autospam them either. In any event if you got a
NG fishing rod you also need NG shots Elf Smile. To obtain shots you need to do the quest
described at the bottom of this document ([Quest: Quest for Fishing Shot]).

You also need skills to fish, they don’t require SP (Luckily) but they cost money. You buy them
from the fishing guide NPC. Select ‘Please teach me to fish.’ in the menu and you get to
the skills.

To fish you need the 4 skills — Fishing, Pumping, Reeling, and Fishing Expertise.

Fishing is an active skill, and level 1 is the only level. The other three have many levels.


Fishing Expertise determines the color of the fish and level of monsters that you fish up.

Expertise Fish
Level 1-3: Green fish (Small, normal, Big)
Level 4-6: Jade fish (Small, normal, Big)
Level 7-9: Blue fish (Small, normal, Big)
Level 10-12: Yellow fish (Small, normal, Big)
Level 13-15: Orange fish (Small, normal, Big)
Level 16-18: Purple fish (Small, normal, Big)
Level 19-21: Red fish (Small, normal, Big)
Level 22-24: White fish (Small, normal, Big)

So, for example, a Small Jade Ugly Fish is level 4 (as is a Small Jade Nimble fish, Small Jade
Fat fish, etc)
In general, about 50% of the fish that you catch will be at the level of your expertise, about
45% will be one level below, and about 5% will be one level above. Rarely you may catch fish
that are 2 levels above or below.


Higher levels of Pumping and Reeling deal more damage to the fish each time you use the skill,
also the recharge timer seems to be a tiny bit faster for each level too.
Another thing to remember is never to have the Pumping and Reeling skill more than two levels
above Fishing expertise — they get a 5% penalty (5% less damage dealt) per each level.


This is a table of how much adena it costs to level Fishing Expertise, Pumping, and Reeling.
For example, leveling Fishing Expertise from 4 to 5 requires 500a. The third column is the
total cost to reach that level — for example, to go from Pumping level 0 to Pumping level 8
would require 6,060a.

Level Cost Total cost
1 10a 10a
2 50a 60a
3 200a 260a
4 300a 560a
5 500a 1,060a
6 800a 1,860a
7 1,600a 3,460a
8 2,600a 6,060a
9 4,000a 10,060a
10 6,700a 16,760a


By fishing you can also obtain new skills; to obtain them you need to fish and sell the reward
to the NPC. To get these skills you need Proof of Catching a Fish, you get these by either
fishing them up or trading your common craft items for them. See [POCF Rewards] below.

All skills except Expand Trade you can learn every 10 levels (lv 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70).

Expand Common Craft:
This expands the common recipe book by 6 slots per level, max 42 new slots.
Lv 1: 2000 Proof of catching a fish needed

Expand Storage:
Expand warehouse storage by 6 slots per lv, max 42 new slots.
Lv 1: 4000 Proof of catching a fish needed

Expand Inventory:
Expand the inventory by 6 slots per lv, max 42 new slots.
Lv 1: 4000 Proof of catching a fish needed
Lv 2: 8000 Proof of catching a fish needed

Expand Dwarven Craft:
(ONLY Dwarf classes, Mainly Warsmith, This skill is learned by your normal
skill trainer and not the fishing NPC)
Expand the Dwarven recipe book by 6 slots per level, max 42 new slots.
Lv 1: 2000 Proof of catching a fish needed

Expand Trade:
Expand the buy/sell slots in a private store by 1 per level, max 3 new slots.
Lv 1: 10000 Proof of catching a fish needed
(Learned lv 40, 55, 65)

[How to fish]
It’s quite easy to catch a fish, if you’re a beginner I recommend that you use the beginner
lures as it will show an icon of the skill you need to use, it’s quite fast to learn how to fish

You need to find a section of deep water (deep water would be any water that shows a breath meter
when you swim in it). You’ll need the following on your hotbar: Fishing, Pumping, and Reeling.
If you did the fishing shot quest, you’ll want them on your hotbar as well. You probably also want
to hotkey your main weapon and some damage dealing skills for when you fish up a monster.

Stand on the shoreline and face the deep water. Then you use the ‘Fishing’ Skill and your
character will start to fish. You’ll see a new window popup that shows your bobber.
Now whats left to do is to catch a fish with the Reeling and Pumping skill.

There are a few ways to notice what skill to use. One of them is to look at the motion of the
bobber but this is a tricky way. I noticed that the best way is to look at the fish’s HP and
ignore the rest:
* If the fish HP bar is standing still: Pumping
* If the fish HP bar is slightly regenerating itself: Reeling

If you use the correct skill, the fish will go down by a fixed amount of hit points.
However, if you use the wrong skill, the fish will instead gain that same amount of HP.
If you can get the fish’s HP to 0 before the time runs out, you get the fish.

That’s about all there is to it. It goes quite fast to learn to fish, maybe an hour or two and
you will find it very easy.

[Fishing Areas]
It doesn’t matter where you fish. The fish and monsters are totally dependent on your skill
and character levels. Any deep water will do.

Remember that you can fish up monsters, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. When you kill it
it seems to always drop something, either shots or the lure you used to fish it up Elf Smile. But you
need to be ready to attack it, they can come any time when you fish up a fish.
The monster that spawns seems to depend on your character level; they seem to be green to yellow.

[POCF Rewards]
POCF = Proof of Catching a Fish.
Okay there are a few different rewards you can obtain by fishing. The items you obtain are
mainly mats for common crafting. But you can also get common crafting recipes, key items,
Proof of Catching a Fish, and monsters.

When you get a fish you can double click it to ‘open’ it. There is about a 50% chance of failing
to open a fish ^^ remember that, if you ask me it seems somewhat high. Most of the time you’ll
get common craft materials, which can either be used in a common craft recipe or traded for POCF
at the fishing NPC. Note that it’s a good idea to make higher-level materials if you want to get
POCF — for example, 4 Fish Oil (worth 4 POCF) can be made into a Greater Fish Oil (worth 5 POCF).

Fish Oil: 1 POCF
Greater Fish Oil: 5 POCF
Premium Fish Oil: 25 POCF
Fish Scale: 4 POCF
Shiny Fish Scale: 6 POCF
Fish Gem: 10 POCF
Shiny Fish Gem: 20 POCF
Thin Fish Bone: 6 POCF
Thick Fish Bone: 9 POCF

Here is a list of all different type of fish there are, and the rewards they can give.
!!!Green Fishes!!!
Small Green Ugly Fish (lv 1):

Small Green Nimble Fish (lv 1):

Small Green Fat Fish (lv 1):

Small Green Treasure Chest (lv 1):

Green Ugly Fish (lv 2):

Green Nimble Fish (lv 2):

Green Fat Fish (lv 2):

Green Treasure Chest (lv 2):

Big Green Ugly Fish (lv 3):
8 Fish Oil

Big Green Nimble Fish (lv 3):
Fish Gem, 12 Fish Oil

Big Green Fat Fish (lv 3):
12 Fish Oil, Thin Fish Bone

Big Green Tresure Chest (lv 3):
24 Fish Oil

!!!Jade Fish!!!
Small Jade Ugly Fish (lv 4):
8 Fish oil, 2 Fish Scale(s)

Small Jade Nimble Fish (lv 4):
Fish Gem, 8 Recipe: Greater Fish Oil, 12 Fish Oil

Small Jade Fat fish (lv 4):
Thin Fish bone, 12 Fish Oil

Small Jade Treasure chest (lv 4):

Jade Ugly Fish (lv 5):
16 Fish Oil

Jade Nimble Fish (lv 5):
Fish Gem

Jade Fat Fish (lv 5):
12 Fish Oil

Jade Treasure Chest (lv 5):

Big Jade Ugly Fish (lv 6):
16 fish oil, 4 fish scale

Big Jade Nimble Fish (lv 6):
12 Fish Oil, 16 recipe: Greater Fish Oil (100%)

Big Jade Fat Fish (lv 6):
12 Fish Oil, 2 Thin Fish Bone

Big Jade Treasure Chest (lv 6):
24 Fish Oil

!!!Blue Fishes!!!
Small Blue Ugly Fish (lv 7):
16 Fish Oil, 4 Fish Scale

Small Blue Nimble Fish (lv 7):
12 Fish Oil, 2 Fish Gems

Small Blue Fat fish (lv 7):
12 Fish Oil, 2 Thin Fish Bones

Small Blue Treasure Chest (lv 7):
24 Fish Oil

Blue Ugly Fish (lv Cool:
2 Greater Fish Oil, 4 Fish Scale, 10 Fish Oil, 4 Recipe: Premium Fish Oil (100%), Party Mask Fabric

Blue Nimble Fish (lv Cool:
Fish Gem, 14 Fish Oil, 16 Recipe: Greater Fish Oil

Blue Fat fish (lv Cool:
16 Fish Oil, 4 Thin Fish Bone, 4 Greater Fish Oil

Blue Treasure Chest (lv Cool:
28 Fish Oil

Big Blue Ugly Fish (lv 9):
2 Greater fish oil, 4 Fish Scale, 4 Recipe: Premium Fish Oil(100%), 10 Fish Oil

Big Blue Nimle Fish (lv 9):
16 Recipe: Greater Fish Oil(100%), 2 Fish Gem, 4 Greater Fish Oil, 14 Fish Oil

Big Blue Fat Fish (lv 9):
4 Thin Fish Bone, 4 Greater Fish Oil, 16 Fish Oil

Big Blue Treasure Chest (lv 9):
8 Greater Fish Oil, 28 Fish Oil, 30 Proof of Catching a Fish.

!!!Yellow Fishes!!!
Small Yellow Ugly Fish (lv 10):
20 Fish Oil, 2 Greater Fish Oil.

Small Yellow Nimble Fish (lv 10):
16 Recipe: Greater Fish Oil (100%), 14 Fish Oil, 2 Fish Gem

Small Yellow Fat Fish (lv 10):
Party Mask Fabric, 16 Fish Oil

Small Yellow Treasure Chest (lv 10):
28 Fish Oil

Yellow Ugly Fish (lv 11):

Yellow Nimble Fish (lv 11):

Yellow Fat Fish (lv 11):

Yellow Treasure Chest (lv 11):

Big Yellow Ugly Fish (lv 12):

Big Yellow Nimble Fish (lv 12):

Big Yellow Fat Fish (lv 12):

Big Yellow Treasure Chest (lv 12):

!!!Orange Fishes!!!
Small Orange Ugly Fish (lv 13):
4 Greater Fish Oil, 4 Thin Fish Bone

Small Orange Nimble Fish (lv 13):

Small Orange Fat Fish (lv 13):
4 Greater Fish Oil

Small Orange Treasure Chest (lv 13):

Orange Ugly Fish (lv 14):
4 Greater Fish Oil, Premium Fish Oil

Orange Nimble Fish (lv 14):
2 Shiny Fish Gem

Orange Fat Fish (lv 14):
4 Thick Fish Bone, Piece of Forget-me-not Hairpin

Orange Treasure Chest (lv 14):
3 Premium Fish Oil

Big Orange Ugly Fish (lv 15):

Big Orange Nimble Fish (lv 15):

Big Orange Fat Fish (lv 15):
Premium Fish Oil

Big Orange Treasure Chest (lv 15):

!!!Purple Fishes!!!
Small Purple Ugly Fish (lv 16):

Small Purple Nimble Fish (lv 16):

Small Purple Fat Fish (lv 16):

Small Purple Treasure Chest (lv 16):

Purple Ugly Fish (lv 17):

Purple Nimble Fish (lv 17):

Purple Fat Fish (lv 17):

Purple Treasure Chest (lv 17):

Big Purple Ugly Fish (lv 1Cool:

Big Purple Nimble Fish (lv 1Cool:

Big Purple Fat Fish (lv 1Cool:

Big Purple Treasure Chest (lv 1Cool:

!!!Red Fishes!!!
Small Red Ugly Fish (lv 19):

Small Red Nimble Fish (lv 19):

Small Red Fat Fish (lv 19):

Small Red Treasure Chest (lv 19):
3 Premium Fish Oil

Red Ugly Fish (lv 20):
2 Premium Fish Oil, 8 Shiny Fish Scale

Red Nimble Fish (lv 20):
2 Shiny Fish gem, 2 Premium Fish Oil

Red Fat Fish (lv 20):
8 Thick Fish Bone

Big Red Ugly Fish (lv 20):

Big Red Nimble Fish (lv 21):
Monocle Piece

Big Red Fat Fish (lv 21):
8 Thick Fish Bone

Big Red Treasure Chest (lv 21):

!!!White Fishes!!!
Small White Ugly Fish (lv 22):

Small White Nimble Fish (lv 22):

Small White Fat Fish (lv 22):

Small White Treasure Chest (lv 22):

White Ugly Fish (lv 23):

White Nimble Fish (lv 23):

White Fat Fish (lv 23):

White Treasure Chest (lv 23):

Big White Ugly Fish (lv 24):

Big White Nimble Fish (lv 24):

Big White Fat Fish (lv 24):

Big White Treasure Chest (lv 24):

[Common Crafting]
Common crafting skill is learned automatically as soon as you get to that level. It works almost
identicaly to the dwarven craft skill. All classes get this crafting skill, and the recipe book
for common craft begins with 50 slots. You can increase it as described in [Skills] above.

Skill lv: Char Lv
1 5
2 20
3 28
4 36
5 43
6 49
7 55
8 62
9 70

[Common Crafting Recipes]

Recipe: Greater Fish Oil (100%)
Lv 2: 75 MP
1x Greater Fish Oil
* 4 Fish Oil

Recipe: Premium Fish Oil (100%)
Lv 3: 99 MP
1x Premium Fish Oil
* 4 Greater Fish Oil

Recipe: Lesser Healing Potion (100%)
Lv 1: 30 MP
1x Lesser Healing Potion
* 2 Fish Oil

Recipe: Healing Potion (100%)
Lv 2: 90 MP
1x Healing Potion
* 2 Fish Oil
* 1 Fish Scale

Recipe: Antidote (100%)
Lv 1: 45 MP
1x Antidote
* 2 Fish Oil

Recipe: Greater Antidote (100%)
Lv 2: 90 MP
1x Greater Antidote
* 3 Fish Oil

Recipe: Bandage (100%)
Lv 1: 45 MP
1x Bandage
* 2 Fish Oil

Recipe: Emergency Dressing (100%)
Lv 1: 90 MP
1x Emergency Dressing
* 3 Fish Oil

Recipe: Haste Potion (100%)
Lv 1: 60 MP
1x Haste Porion
* 4 Fish Oil
* 4 Fish Scale

Recipe: Greater Haste Potion (100%)
Lv 3: 120 MP
1x Greater Haste Potion
* 4 Greater Fish Oil
* 7 Fish Scale

Recipe: Potion of Alacrity (100%)
Lv 1: 60 MP
1x Potion of Alacrity
* 5 Fish Oil
* 9 Fish Scale

Recipe: Greater Swift Attack Potion (100%)
Lv 3: 120 MP
1x Greater Swift Attack Potion
* 10 Greater Fish Oil
* 12 Fish Scale.

Recipe: Magic Haste Potion (100%)
Lv 1: 60 MP
1x Magic Haste Potion
* 10 Fish Oil
* 7 Fish Scale

Recipe: Greater Magic Haste Potion (100%)
Lv 3: 120 MP
1x Greater Magic Haste Potion
* 10 Greater Fish Oil
* 12 Fish Scale

Recipe: Mystery Potion (100%)
Lv 2: 96 MP
1x Myster Potion
* Recipe: Mystery Potion (100%)
* 10 Greater Fish Oil
* 28 Fish Scale

Recipe: Cat Ear (100%)
Lv 4: 138 MP
1x Cat Ear
* Recipe: Cat Ear (100%)
* 20 Cat Ear Fabric
* 300 Fish Gem
* 150 Shiny Fish Gem

Recipe: Outlaw’s Eyepatch (100%)
Lv 4: 138 MP
1x Outlaw’s Eyepatch
* Recipe: Outlaw’s Eyepatch (100%)
* 20 Outlaw’s Eyepatch Strap
* 300 Fish Gem
* 150 Shiny Fish Gem

Recipe: Eyepatch of Pirate (100%)
Lv 4: 138 MP
1x Eyepatch of Pirate
* Recipe: Eyepatch of Pirate (100%)
* 20 Eyepatch of Pirate Strap
* 300 Fish Gem
* 150 Shiny Fish Gem

[Quest: Quest for Fishing Shot]
Okay this quest is probobly the only one ingame that can be done from lv 1 to level 78.
It’s a quest you probobly should have on all the time, as there are a very large number of
monsters you can hunt. I will list all regions and the monsters there you can hunt,
and will also list the rewards. The rewards are fishing shots of different grades.
The item these monsters drop is Sweet Fluid. It seems to drop quite rarely thoght.

Shots per Sweet Fluid:
NG: 66
D: 40
C: 28
B: 8
A: 5
S: 4

The monsters that drop them:

Talkin Island: Elder Keltirs, Wolves, Orc Grunts, Warewolves, Stone Golems, Talon Spiders,
Skeleton Archers, Silent Horrors, Undine Nobles

Elven Land: Elder red Keltirs, Gray Wolves, Kaboo Orc Grunts, Kaboo Orc Figters, Dryads,
Hook Spiders, Liren Elders, Dungeon Skeleton Archers, Dark Terrors, Sukar Warerat Leaders

Dark Elven Land: Elder Brown, Keltirs, Ashen wolves, Imp Elders, Balor Fighters, Festering bat,
Lesser Dark horrors, Archrid Trackers, Cave bats, Cave Fangs, Spider, Stink Zombies

Orc Land: Elder praire keltirs, Kasha Wolves, Rakeclaw imp hunters, Maraku warewolves,
Gravestone golems, kasha fang spiders, kasha imp, Grave keepers, Undead slaves

Dwarven Land: Elder longtail keltirs, Black Wolves, Utuku orc Grunts, Goblin brigand lieutants,
Goblin lords, Hunter tarantulas, Northern trimedens, Darkstone golems, Boogie ratmen,
Pitchstone Golems.

Windmill Hill: Lang Lizardmen wariors, Vuku Orc Fighters, Archnid Predators

Lang Lizardman Dwelling: Lang Lizardman sentinels, Lang Lizardman liutenants,
Lang Lizardman shamans, Lang Lizardman leaders.

Wasteland: Lesser basilisk, Androscprpics, Androscorpio Hunter, Cave Ants, Ant Captains,
Granit Golems, Punchers, Ant Warior Captains.

Windy Hill: Sobbing Winds, Babbling winds, Giggling winds, Shining Winds, Whispering Winds.

Ant Nest: Ants, Ant overseers, Ant patrols, Ant recruits, Noble ants

Ant Icubator?: Cave Ants, Cave Ant soldiers, Cave noble ants

Windawood Manor: ol Mahum guards, Ol mahum reserves, Ol mahum shooters, Ol Mahum Captains.

Cruma Marslands: Giant mist leeches, Horor mist rippers, Marsh stakatos, Marsh stakato worker,
Marsh stakato soilders, Marsh stakato Drones.

Floran Agriculural Area: Plain Watchmen, Rough hewn rock golems, Delu lizardman suppliers,
Delu Lizardman special agents, Cursed seers, Delu Lizardman commanders, Delu lizardman shamans.

Tanor Canyon: Tanor Silenos Wariors, Tanor Silenos grunts, Tanor silenos, Nightmare lords,
Nightmare keepers, Tanor Silenos chiftains, Tanor silenos shamans.

Breka’s Stronghold: Breka Orcs, Breka Orc archers, Breka Orc wariors, Breka Orc Shamans,
Breka orc overlords

Death Pass: Wyrms, Guardian basilisk, Road scavengers, Fettered souls, Windus, Grandis

Devil’s Isle: Zaken’s Archers, Mardians, Pirate zombies, Tanted ogres, Fiend Archers,
Zaken’s royal guard, Pirate Zombie Captains, Vale Masters, Unpleasant Hummings.

….. (More to Come)

[Quest: Lanosco’s Special Bait]

Lv 27 quest, starts at Fisherman Lanosco in Dion.

As for the quest in Dion, I completed it this morning. When you get 100 wind essences, the NPC
will give you 4 wind lures (icon is broken btw). When you use these lures, treasure chests will
bite on your line. You need to get one big blue treasure chest (fish around Gludio). Once you
get a big blue chest, return to the NPC, and he gives you a golem blueprint. You have to take
that blueprint to blacksmith in Dion. She rewards you and ends the quest (reward : Black pearl
ring (D grade)). Your fishing skill has to be lvl 9 for best results.
Credit goes to Darkmotion for the quest guide.

[Quest: O’Fulle’s Special Bait]
Lv 36 quest, start at Fisherman O’Fulle in Giran.
More to come

[Quest: Willie’s Special Bait]
Lv 48 quest, start at Fisherman Wille in Oren.
More to come

[Quest: Linnaeus’ Special Bait]
Lv 60 quest, start at Fisherman Linnaeus in Aden.
More to come

[Quest: Chest Caught by Bait of Wind]
Lv 27 quest, start at Fisherman Lanosco in Dion.
More to Come

[Quest: Chest Caught by Bait of Icy Air]
Lv 36 quest, start at Fisherman O’Fulle in Giran.
More to come

[Quest: Chest Caught by Bait of Earth]
Lv 48 quest, start at Fisherman Wille in Oren.
More to come

[Quest: Chest Caught by Bait of Fire]
Lv 61 quest, start at Fisherman Linnaeus in Aden.
More to come

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