46+ Archer Exploit Spot (Lineage ii private)

For this exploit you will get all neccessary pieces for the top c grade jewerly be able to solo a 54 level mob with little chance of dying.

It is north of IT (Ivory Tower) by the Oel Mahum Witch Doctors. A little bit south of the ruined castle. There is a cliff with a rock on the side of it. If you stand on the rock you can pick off 3 or 4 Oel Mahum Witch doctors at time carry a couple heal potions they do have windstrike.

Then if your a SR(Sprint) or PR(haste potion) just jump hit a mob to agro it and have it chase after you and your run up the cliff n fall off he will fall as you fall and if u time it right he’ll be stuck at the bottom of the rock unable to hit you.

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