Loot Exploit (Lineage 2 vault)

This requires a wolf pet to do,
First what you do is have the wolf pet out when your group is fighting. After the mob is
dead tell your pet to go collect all of the adena/ drops from the mob, you wolf will
then go to collect all the stuff. But the good part is that no one will get a split of
the gold and item pickups will never register with the rest of the group. so in theory
they wont even know that say, a rare Dark tunic dropped off of a mob. thus you are free
to get all the loot. Then whenever you want to get all the stuff you wolf picked up you
can just go into the pets inventory.

The main problems with this is that the pet has to get the final blow or else whenever
you tell the pet to pick up the items it takes his a few seconds for the pet to pick it
up, just long enough for a group member to pick the item/adena up if its a slow spawn.
But this works well if everyone is too busy attacking to notice the drops.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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