Human Mage Level 1-20 Guide (Lineage 2 macro)

Well this is my first guide for any game so I hope you guys enjoy but don’t expect too much

levels 1 – 5
make sure you get the keltir quest and the wolf pelts quest and I have found you can level to 5 in little under half an hour on keltirs. These are the easy levels.

levels 5 – 7
I have found that wolves give quite nice experience still here but if you feel lucky try some orcs. These levels are slowed but also quite easy. Remember to spend some time on quests. You can use for info about quests I don’t want to make this post too long. Also at 7 head to the temple in TI village and remember to learn windstrike level 2.

levels 7 – 9
keep on the orcs while saving sp once you have enough sp get windstrike level 3 and ice bolt level 1. You can keep these and you wont have to level them for awhile so any SP can go towards later levels. ( You get more windstrike levels at 14 )

levels 9 – 13
now if you have icebolt and windstrike level 3 head up just north of obelisk. Make sure to dodge the werewolves and orc fighters you want to conserver your strength and we don’t want to risk death. What I have found is that stone golems are slow as hell. Anyway what you can do is pick them off one by one they will give you MASSES of exp and sp. So first of all use ice bolt on them then run back abit and hit them with windstrike until they die. you can do this till level 13 however what I did was at level 11 I went to mainland and killed the Felim lizardman warriors ( level 17 ) I don’t reccomend this if you are not rich. I managed to get enough adena for staff of mage and tunic and stockings of magic. These along with spiritshots helped me alot and if you can afford them then I suggest getting to gludin and hunting the warriors. This is how to kill them. First use a spiritshot and hit them with windstrike then immidiately after hit them with ice bolt to slow them down run back use another spiritshot and then windstrike them again. After this nuke you can kill them with a hit from the mage staff.

13 – 16 or so
llizardmen warriors should do it but I am only geussing seeing as I am new to lineage and my highest level character so far is level 12.

*edit* After hitting 14 I have found the following to be most efficient: Kill Arachnid Trackers in gludin or ratmen if you managed to get the equipment mentioned further up. The SP from the spiders is very nice. I suggest at level 14 maxing windstrike and icebolt and getting at least 1 level in battle heal group heal and vampiric touch. Remember to eventually train all of them while on your way to 20 but don’t forget to save up for when you hit 20.

I don’t know if this is good enough to get me premium and it doesn’t really bother me that much. I subscribed to another site and frankly I was disappointed and it has put me off. Anyway im not sure how to submit it so if any of you guys could reply and help me thanks.
Any way I could improve it just tell me… btw as I get higher levels I will update the guide.
It shouldn’t take you more than 2 – 3 days to get to level 14 with this guide.

*edit* Later tonight ill add in an equipment guide and quest guides


Mystics Tutorial – TI
Kill keltirs and gather 4 fangs then give it to he magister who you talked to to start the quest.

Deliver Goods – TI – level 2 – Given by Arnold
1. Talk to Guard Arnold at the southeast entrance of Talking Island Village, he will give you a delivery list and 3 items.
2. Give the pot to Warehouse Keeper Rant to get a receipt.
3. Give the cloth to Trader Silvia to get a 2nd receipt.
4. Give the box to Trader Jackson to get a 3rd receipt.
5. Bring the 3 receipts back to Guard Arnold.

Find Sir Windawood – TI – level 3 – Given by Abellos
1. Talk to Guard Abellos at the southeast entrance to Talking Island Village. He will give you an Official Letter.
2. Deliver the letter to Sir Windawood. He is at the tower northwest of the village, just follow the path.

Bring Wolf Pelts – TI – level 3 – Given by Lector
1. Talk with Trader Lector in the weapon shop on the west side of Talking Island Village.
2. Hunt Wolves (lvl 4 passive) until you collect 40 Wolf Pelts.
3. Give the pelts to Trader Lector.

Recover Smuggled Goods – TI – level 5 – Given by Wilford
1. Talk to Warehouse Keeper Wliphrod in the warehouse on the east side of Talking Island Village.
2. Hunt Giant Toads (lvl 5 passive) until you collect 20 Adamantite Ore. Just exit the village southwest and follow the fath to the toads.
3. Give the ore to Warehouse Keeper Wliphrod.

The Guard is Busy – TI – level 6 – Given by Gilbert – REPEATABLE!
1. Talk to Captain Gilbert, he is at the northeast exit of Talking Island Village. He will give you the Gludio Lords Mark.
2. Hunt Werewolves (any type) for Werewolf’s Fang, and Orcs of any kind for Orc Amulets and Orc’s Necklaces. The necklaces drop off orcs level 10 and higher.
3. Return to Captain Gilbert at any time and turn in the amulets for 5a, the fangs for 10a, and the necklaces for 15a.

You can continue to do this quest indefinitely and return with any number of fangs, amulets, and necklaces at any time.

Sword of Solidarity – TI – level 9 – Roien
1. Talk to Grandmaster Roien at the human fighter starting area, southeast of Talking Island Village. He will give you Roien’s Letter.
2. Take the letter to Blacksmith Alltran, near the center of Talking Island Village. He will give you directions to the ruins.
3. Enter the Elven Ruins (talking island dungeon) and hunt Lunnunt Orc Snipers (lvl 10 passive) and Lunnunt Orc Warriors (lvl 12 aggresive) until you get both the Broken Blade Top and the Broken Blade Bottom. The ruins are northwest of the village, due west of the tower, and you get in (and out) by talking to the gatekeeper. Both types of orcs are dungeon mobs so are extra strong, bring a friend or wait until you are higher level for this quest.
4. Give the pieces to Blacksmith Alltran, who will give you Alltran’s Note.
5. Give the note to Grandmaster Roien. He will give you the Broken Sword Handle.
6. Give the handle to Blacksmith Alltran.

Spirit of Mirrors – TI – level 10 – Gallint
1. Talk to Grandmagister Gallint at the human mage starting location, south of Talking Island Viallage. He will give you 3 Gallin’s Oak Wands, which once used will become quest items Wand Spiritsound and go into your quest inventory. You MUST use the wands to deliver the final blow to the 3 spirits, but can weaken them with any other weapon/spell.
2. Hunt the Giant Toad Spirit of Mirrors (lvl 9 passive). It is on the south bank of the river, near the other toads somewhere around /loc -97k, 248k.
3. Hunt the Orc Spirit Of Mirrors (lvl 10 passive). It is almost due north of the toad, on the hill just northeast of the tower around /loc -99k, 235k.
4. Hunt the Werewolf Spirit Of Mirrors (lvl 11 passive). It is on the far west end of the island down by the water, northwest of the waterfall, around -122k, 236k. Since the waterfall pass has a lvl 15 aggresive Giant Spider, you will have to go around the mountains to the north or south. Watch out for the many aggresive monsters in the area, and bring a scroll of escape.
5. Return the 3 wands to Grandmagister Gallint.

In my opinion these are all the quests that should be done before you head off to mainland. At gludin stick to killing pumas if you can’t afford magic set and mage staff. All these quests were taken from and all I did was copy and paste the human ones to make them easier to find. All props to for the quests.


Level 1
All your starter equipment should easily get you through to level 8 or so.

Level 8
By now you should be able to afford devotion set.

Level 10
You should be able to afford a cedar staff but if you can’t save up and use your wand of adept from the spirit of mirrors quest above.

Level 12
By now I had magic set and mage staff but I did have help, but if you have 300k to spend that equip is VERY good and I love it. Keep saving for that cedar staff if not to use spiritshots which I have found to almot double my spell damage.

okay thats it for now. I am tired and I am itching to play lineage 2 but I need to wait for my trial version of SWG to finish downloading so until then have fun.

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