Ant Queen Guide (Lineage 2 pictures)

First my English is not the best.

First you need an Team with 2 or 3 Sorcerer 1-2 Healer (Best 1 is an DE Oracle for Empower) and Rest DD.

You know, the Ant Queen was always healed by the Nobles Ants (Its small so lvl 15-20) and for fighting the Ant Queen have Guards (Level 20 Ants)

When you attack the Larva of the Ant Queen (Larva can not Sie, its an NPC Mob) The Nobles run to the Larve.

The Queen must stay not to far away from the Larva or the Nobles can not registrate the Attack from the Larva.

Ok, the Larve is in the Second Room, you must bring the Queen in the first Room.

When you stay by the Larve and show in the first room the Queen MUST stay in the other room left Side on the Wall.

Now 1 ppl attack the Larve. Allte many Nobles run to the Larva. If you now attack the Queen, the Nobles need to run back but Stuck left side in the Wall be entrance Second Room to First room. (The Queen must stay left on the Wall in first room!)

1-2 Nobles are new Spawn and came to the Queen.
The 2 Sorcers begin to cast. SPS-Aerea Nuke, SPS Flame Strike, SPS- Area Nuke. sps- … .. .
2 Area Attacks kill the Nobles fast, so they have no time for its heal casting time.

You can work with 1 good Team this Guide or you fail. I have seen big groups with 50 Players failed by Ant Queen by direct Attack its.

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  1. BABA says:

    SHIT i don’t understand anything!

  2. Silvan says:

    have you video for this Raid?

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