Two Man Adena Scam (Lineage 2 maps)

Beware the Trade Scam

This trade scam uses two people. The 1st person sets

up a private store to sell something at a higher than normal

cost. The 2nd person sets up a private store near the

1st person to buy that item that the 1st is selling, but at

a higher cost than what the 1st is selling it for. Heres the

trick though, the 2nd person must not have enough money

to purchase the item.


Example: A player sees a person (#2) who wants the buy a sword

for 100k. That player than sees a person (#1) selling that sword for

80k. The player thinks he can make a quick 20k and buys the sword

from person #1 and then tries to sell it to person #2, but person #2

doesn’t have the money to buy it, so there is no sale. And the scammers

walk off with 80k from a sword that was worth a lot less.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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