Loads of Adena (Lineage 2 clans)

This takes me different amounts of time every time I do it. So, I’ve had a hard to nailing down an exact time for this. However, it’s never taken me more than 30 minutes even with a death from a PK in there. So, I figured 20 minutes was a good estimate. Those of you who are good power levelers could probably do this faster than 20. So, that’s about 6,000 per hour (plus whatever you get from random monster drops).


Also, something like this should be available for the other races as well but I haven’t played those yet. Here’s how it’s done …



Level 8-18 (6 k per hour):

Once you reach level 8 and have increased your skills (available at level 7), go to Vollodos the merchant in the town. He’s in the store just north of the electric hand. If you haven’t already visited the stores and looked at what they are selling, you should.


Ask him for a quest (click on him and then click on him again). Select the "Lowest" quest.


He will tell you to go kill walking forest mushrooms. He actually wants you to kill fungus.


Leave town via the west exit and and travel along the road until you get to a single tower on the right, then head northwest .


After you get 10 sacks of fungus, return to him and he will give you 2,000 gold. This is repeatable indefinitely (I haven’t not been able to get it yet so we’ll see if it still works at level 50).


The fungus is good experience and isn’t that hard to kill at level 8. Also, they sometimes drop scrolls that teleport you back to town. You can either sell these at the store or use them to speed up the questing process.


I recommend doing the Zombie Skin Quest at the same time for some variety…


Zombie Skin Quest

Levels 11-18:

1. Talk to Minaless in the dark elf store (south side of town)

2. Go southwest of town past the orcs and such and kill marsh zombies until you have 5 skins

3. Give them to Minaless for 2000 gold



Do this for a few hours and you’ll find yourself with over 50,000 gold and be pretty surprised at how you got it. It builds up pretty quick.


Levels 18-30 and up (up to 10k/hr):

Use your world map (see the starting quest) to the Dwarf town and go to the First Dwarf Dungeon and hunt Gemstone Beast. These are not aggressive and drop items that sell for up to 20k to NPCs and up to 50k to PCs.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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