Great Way For Human Mages To Level!! (Lineage 2 drop)

I was running around Talking Island Village and I found some stone gollems. ohh! scary….. YEAH RIGHT. These dudes are slower than friggin Oprah in a marathon. Ok, that was a bad comparison. Anyway, if you are a Mage you can shoot them with a Wind blast repeatedly without getting hit. But one thing, after the first Wind blast, they will usually shoot a Wind blast back at you once. It does about 65 dmg but after that you are free to fire away without getting hit. Also, be carefull of those damn agros nearby. There are some Werewolf Hunters that if you are not carefull, will bend you over. I did this soon as I got lvl 5. The experience is sweet. About 380xp and 15sp. Not to mention 100a per gollem and coal, iron ore, dirk blades. Have fun leveling!!!!
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