Great Adena Strategy (any race) (Human Lineage)

The first part of this adena making strategy works particularly well for a single level 35+ archer (with gastra or better bow), but can be accomplished with 2 level 30+ melee partners with patience.


The goal here is to farm C Grade Armor Enchant Scrolls, which regularly sell between 60-85k in Giran (I would suggest selling in Giran, not Dion as the prices in Giran tend to be a bit higher for private stores). Encursos are slow moving level 40+ mobs located on the first level of Cruma Tower. They can be easily soloed by archers, using just a typical kite method. I have killed around 10-20 in the past day, and have looted 3 of these scrolls. So, for all of you out there who need some cash……..head into Cruma and solo some Encursos.

NOTE: Cruma is quite a "competitive" place, where groups claim rooms as their own and can be quite pushy about asking you to leave. So just pull the Encursos out of the room and be as discreet as possible.
Most of these groups come nowhere close to clearing the rooms 100% of the time anyways, so I happily pull Encursos whether they like it or not. A good 8 hours of farming these guys give you a TON of XP (4000 per kill), and possibly 12-15 scrolls. So do the math, that’s about 900k gross from scroll sales alone. Add in 7k D Grade soulshots to make the process go faster, and including the 350-400a each Encurso drops and you’re looking at about a 930k net profit.

People are starting to catch onto this strategy, and you see more and more people pulling single encursos. Get in on this during the C Grade upgrade craze.


This is a much more difficult prospect, but yields much higher gains. I would only suggest this strategy for dual Level 40+ archer groups who want to make some SERIOUS adena. The Succubus mobs deep in Dragon Valley drop the C Grade Scrolls of Weapon enchant at a decently high rate. Not as high as the encursos drop the armor enchants, but still decent. Each of these enchant scrolls regularly sell for between 250k-375k in private stores.

Getting to this area is DIFFICULT, as you have to pass many high level aggro 50+ mobs. If you aren’t level 40+, don’t even bother. And even if you are Level 45+, you NEED a partner as the Succubi cast a sleep spell on you which will quickly spell your doom as a soloist.

So here’s our recommendation, head FAR east into the Valley of Dragons, slowly making your way there with your partner. If you’re willing to split the loot 3 ways, bring along a trusted oracle friend to heal you. However, for skilled archers, or a skilled melee+archer combo you should be able to survive without much issue at this level. Pull ONE succubus at a time, they are aggro so be careful. Ensure both archers and/or melee fighters have a speed buff (for elves again this is no problem, other races consider getting an oracle or potion of haste) and weave around the succubus hitting it with SS powered shots. They hit very hard, but aren’t much of a problem for a skilled pair at this level.

Farming Succubi for 5 or 6 hours should yield you at least 5-8 C Weapon Enchant Scrolls, resulting in a nice net profit of anywhere from 1.2-2.5 million adena. Add in the other loot drops and adena drops, and that’s a great way to rack up millions of adena in just a week or two.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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