Lineage 2 Exploits (Lineage ii dark elf)

Get a Necro and Lvl an ALT to 52 in one day

To lvl a toon 52 in 1 day you just need a necromacer
Go to Heine port to Aligator island move on the road until you get to the eye of the fish , there is a big rock and under it is a small hill with a tree on top.
Get necro and the toon you want to lvl in same party
Get the toon under the tree
Summon Cursed Man
Buff him up if possible
Use Summon Soulshots
Get necro out of xp range but set Summon on hill next to tree
Pull mobs with summon but kill them near the toon u want to lvl
Sinse the necro is out of Xp range all xp goes to Low toon
Avoid Nos
First 5 pulls gets your toon to level 18

Easy way to Antharas Cave

If you try and run up the dirt ramp at coordinates X:130815.0 Y:119762.5 -2005.1 you will not go up but keep running into it after about 20 secs or so you will pop up and you can drop down right in front of the Cave.

Flying Exploit

Well… It is not what you call flying but it is "sky walking"… In order to do this find a huge mountain then get close to edge of the mountain and then keep left clicking on the mountain rapidly with the mouse… in like 5sec you will be in sky high!!!! this exploit is good for making a shortcut.

Make sure you have scroll of esc u have possibility of getting stuck on moutain but you will find this exploit is useful.

Steal party loot with pets

If you use your pets pickup function while grouped, it’ll ignore the random loot settings and pickup all the loot. Also it wont split money so you’ll get all the adena too.

Tested with a dragon hatchling in Cruma tower.

Item Quest Dupe

1) Do the ol mahum badge quest till you have a large number of badges.
2) Wait for bad item lag (this occurs most on Sieghardt)
3) Use soulshots to find out when the lag is there.
4) While lagging, open the quest NPC’s chat, then close it, and re-open it multiple times.
5) You will crash when the item lag is done.
6) You will reboot having (the amount you were supposed to have, multiplied by how many times you opened NPC).

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