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Lineage 2 Macro Bot (Lineage 2 human)

First you will need to download a program called actool. It is 5mb and you can download it throughthe following link: you download it run it to install actool on your computer and open actool.There are 2 macro bots provided … Continue reading

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45 Second Killing Macro (Lineage 2 Adena)

MACRO: 45 Second Killing MacroThis macro works in Actool and you must be close to monsters… Works good in dungeons where the monsters are on a 45 sec respawn..note: good in elven ruins with monster’s eyes. (tons of areas im … Continue reading

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L2Walker Crack (Lineage trial)

Here is a way to get L2Walker working. Also note I included the file to download since it might take some time to actually download it since alot of people are downloading it.1.Set.INI file. Change LoginServerIP to localhostExample[USA]LoginServerIP=[1]Bartz;[2]Sieghardt;[3]Kain;[4]Lionna;[5]Erica;[6]Gustin;[7]Devianne;[8]Hindemith;[9]Teon;2. Download files: … Continue reading

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