100% Legal Windowed Mode (Lineage 2 vault)

Windowed mode for L2 is easy as pie.

Click your Windows key (or Esc + Ctrl if you have an older keyboard) to return to the desktop. Rightclick on the Lineage II icon on the start-bar and leftclick on Maximize. L2 will go into Windowed mode. This works on Win XP just fine.

To go back into fullscreen, just rightcllick on the Lineage 2 icon again and click maximize again – and shazaam – back to fullscreen.

100% legal too!

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3 Responses to 100% Legal Windowed Mode (Lineage 2 vault)

  1. tiago says:

    to put window mode just click: alt+enter

  2. ChaZ says:

    Or just press Alt + Enter when in fullscreen.

  3. Wra says:

    some servers do not support windowed mode (alt+enter not work)

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