1-45+ In a matter of Days (Lineage 2 human)

first you must have a lvl 58+ war smith and someone like 52+ with good evasion and a SE

go to tanor canyon (only place ive tried that it works)
get in a party with the warsmith

have the warsmith set up a big boom and have it stand next to u then have the warsmith run off to if you were to kill something the warsmith wont get any exp have the SE empower the big boom then have the person with good evasion run through tanor canyon getting hundreds of mobs then the person with godo evasion runs up to big boom, big bomo exsploids kills all mobs and badda bing badda boom fastest lvling ever

note: even though big boom killed all the mobs the warsmith was to far away to get any exp so u sucked up all the high lvl mobs exp

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